Neuroscientists: Shroom-induced brain rewiring could hold the key to fighting mental illness.

Study: Working More Hours Won’t Get Employees Raises « CBS DC.

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Michael went on a sexist rant on Instagram, dissing a popular video starring a NYC woman, who was trying to demonstrate how women get continually harassed on the street. Read how he shockingly mocked the project.

Saturday Night Live’s Michael Che, 31, shockingly dissed a recently released video, which demonstrates how women continually get harassed on the street. The SNL newcomer mocked the viral video in an Instagram post on Oct. 29, when he likened the catcalls women get subjected to on a daily basis to times when people come up to him on the street, recognizing him from TV.

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Fifteen years ago,Eminemstarted Shady Records. Kids have been born, grown up, and had their first kiss in the time sinceThe Slim ShadyLP came out.

Now how old do you feel?

To celebrate the label’s15thanniversary, Eminem is releasing a two-disc compilation calledShadyXV,and he?s just released the tracklist.

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The first disc will feature a selection of all new tracks, including songs bySlaughterhouse,Bad Meets Evil,YelawolfandD12. Eminem recruits two powerful divas,SiaandSkylar Grey,to join him on ?Guts Over Fear? and?Twisted,? respectively.


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By Fareed Zakaria

“The United States today has the highest documented incarceration rate in the world: 743 adults per 100,000 population, or nearly 2.3 million adults, nearly one-quarter of the world’s total prison population,” writes Eric Schnurer in The Atlantic. “More than twice that number are on probation or parole, with more than 70,000 juveniles in detention, as well – roughly one in every 30 Americans is under supervision of some sort, a seven-fold increase since 1980.”

“The singularity of Reagan and his lonely place in the conservative pantheon is put in stark relief by photographs of the 1964 Democratic National Convention, in Atlantic City, where massive portraits of Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson framed the stage,” writes Jeff Shesol in the New Yorker. “It is impossible to imagine a similar setup at the Republican Convention in 2016. Other than Reagan’s, whose…

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Fans may be excited to see Christian Bale star as Moses in the new film, ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’, but the actor bashed his character during a press conference last month! Christian described Moses as ‘barbaric’ and ‘schizophrenic.’ Ouch!

Christian Bale, 40, sure knows how to create buzz before the release of one of his new movies! Although Christian signed on to play Moses in Ridley Scott‘s Exodus: Gods and Kings, he doesn’t seem to be a fan of his role in the film. And now, the actor is under attack for describing the religious prophet as ‘”barbaric” and “schizophrenic.”

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