Reasons why Lindsay Lohan needs to go to jail

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Celebrity, Entertainment
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Lindsay lohan goes to jailThere is one person on this earth today that I can’t stand to hear about. To me she is nothing really to make a big deal out of but she has controversy with her wherever she goes. Put it this way TMZ has to be making a fortune off of her even if she is not. Her name is Lindsay Lohan.

Personally I want her to go to jail and serve some time behind bars in confinement. Here are my reasons why. She owes alot of money to alot of people. In 2012 it was reported she owed over $200,000 to in back taxes for 2009, 2010 in which the IRS seized her bank account. She also owed over $140,000 for a storage locker which is probably gonna get auctioned off. She has legal fees of over $300,000 dollars not to mention she owes an assistant of hers $40,000. Plus she just got a lawsuit against her for a whopping $5 million dollars. The lawsuit is from a company called DNAM apparel who is suing her for leggings that was part of the Lindsay’s clothing line.

Lohan to me is in a state of inanity and she has no one around her to guide her through her turbulent life. Not anyone worth listening to anyway, but she still needs to go to jail.

Ok so remember the car accident issue she had a few months ago. Reports say their was a bottle of alcohol next to the porsche Lohan crashed, cops decided that Lohan didn’t need a sobriety test at the scene of the crash. Yaaaaay go LAPD!!!!!!!$#@#$@#$@. Now for the incompetence of the police I definitely fault them. There has to be more to this. Does someone else smell a payoff exchange might have gone on?????? Allegedly of course!!!!lol

Lohan has shoplifting and drunk driving charges going back to 2007. Anyone else see a pattern of abuse of the law. The one thing that is really pissing me off about her is her inexcusable lack of respect for the law. Come on she has been late to 21 court appearances and even lied to police.

Let’s be honest people how I look at it Lindsay Lohan is honestly the worst kind of human being she know she can abuse the law cause she’s a white, blonde hair, blue eyed, rich, maladroit female who has the acting execution of Mr. T playing Jean Valjean in Les Miserables ( Can you see it). Simply put she’s not talented.

Don’t get me wrong she doesn’t a life sentence not even a year just a few months with no visitation in 23 hour lockdown. The reason I have for her going to jail is simple. Some people just need to potential thought of going to jail to straighten up, some need to see the court room and the jury reviewing evidence to say, ok this is not where my life should be.

For Lindsay she needs to feel the cell close behind her, she needs to know she has run out of options that her high paid lawyer,( which by the way Lindsay owes her too), can’t plea bargain out of. Somewhere where her parents can’t pull strings to once again get her a get out of jail card. All hope must be taken away from her as well as the drugs and alcohol and anything else she uses to cope. Once all this is stripped away from her then she can soul search and find a truth only she and her omnipotent will know and can hopefully define her and will bring her into being a better person. Until then she is no where near it.


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