Don’t tell my mom….. I’m not a virgin

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white couple fuckingIntroduction –

Men love to brag don’t we? How much money we make, how physically fit we are if we are working out. We love to brag about our cars, homes, our jobs; any type of deals if we feel we have one upped somebody. We even compare families to another guy’s in our story telling, but nothing compares to guy’s swapping sex stories.

Yes our sexual, sleazy, animalistic exploitive tales becomes legends when we retell our lives sensuous past. As long as I have been alive I’ve heard stories of my manly brotherhood from all walks of life relive memories in their storytelling it almost becomes instinctive to share our times. I am also guilty of this type of bravado and I want to share the highlights of my times.

Now that I’m older and settled down, before my stories become too epic and I add on details that are both mythic and unimaginable (price of old age I guess) I want to say my story.

We always remember our first time at least if it was something to remember. I do not know why though they say that, because any story I heard of someone losing their virginity sucked. It’s awkward, half the time you don’t know where the right hole is. It’s crazy my story is no different. From here going forward if you are under 18 years of age I HIGHLY SUGGEST NOT to read further. Mature Audiences only.

A. Before College

1. Farrah –

My first job I worked at a Wendy’s two blocks from my house in a suburban ethnic town in New Jersey. I was around fifteen/sixteen at the time. I worked with my friends from the neighborhood I grew up in. Work never really seemed like work when you work with your friends. One of my boys (Ray) introduced me to Farrah who lived in the next town over from us. She was dark skinned about average height and I remember she had the cutest smile on her. She also had a nice pair of full C cup breasts. They might have been more around D cup but it was along time ago forgive me.

With my joking style of flirtatiousness I became friends with her and found out she was single and one grade above me. Soon innocent glances became apparent attraction. I remember at work she surprised me one day. I was carrying a heavy box into the freezer when she followed me. She said almost laughing “Awwww, Troy”. Before I could even say hi Farrah and I were lip locking in the freezer. I remember the weight of that box I was holding was temporarily insubstantial and she had the softest lips. Before Farrah, I dated maybe two people and I didn’t even kiss one of them.

After the kissing in the freezer scene was over we exchanged numbers and I started talking to her over the phone. I don’t know what it is about talking dirty when it gets late, but when my mom worked the late shift and I was home alone we talked about her coming over and us exploring each other. She was told me she wanted to come over wearing a skirt and I could come into the hallway and she would slide the skirt up revealing she was not wearing any panties and how she wanted me to bend her over and thrust myself into her.

This was a big deal to me because at the time I was a virgin. I was going off pure imagery and fantasy of what it would be like. We planned a day for weeks where she would be home and I could meet her before her dad got home from work. I bought the condoms and asked my friends how to use them since I was too embarrassed to ask my uncle’s.  I took the school bus that came close to where she lived. She told me she would be waiting at the end of street for me to walk me to her house.

When the bus got near her stop I spotted her wearing a summer dress that was form fitting that went down to her knee caps and exposed that D cup bust she had. She told me “We don’t have a lot of time” “Hurry”. We rushed down to the basement where it was like a million boxes of old records and other things. I moved some boxes to the side enough for us to lie on the floor. The floor was concrete and cold. Farrah told me to lie down on my back and pull my pants down. With no hesitation I was down on the floor with my pants down to my ankles waiting. She laid over me with her face directly hovering over my shaft. Just her breathing by it got me excited. With her ass in my face I felt a blundering hesitation, “What should I do now?” Then she put my penis in her mouth and started sucking on it. It felt like a warm, wet light sucking vacuum (sorry it’s not a complete description but you get the picture hopefully). In an almost whisper like voice Farrah says “Eat my pussy Troy”. I started licking everywhere trying not to lick the wrong hole.

I don’t remember what her love below tasted like but I remember her moaning when I did it which in turn made her suck even harder. We must have been giving each other oral pleasure for hours it seemed like but to me time stood still. Farrah soon got up and started to pull out the condoms from my pants pocket. She put the condom on sliding it on gently and she bent over next to me. It was the most nonverbal, but lingual way she could say “Come fuck me Troy”. I got behind her and put my fully erect self inside her and that feeling I swear to this day cannot be verbalized it can only be felt. Even imagination doesn’t give enough credit to a woman’s pearly gated love walls.

My slow strokes gain increasing momentum and I noticed something was happening. I noticed the urge to ejaculate was approaching and I couldn’t stop. I was told to think of baseball when this happens, but it was too late I came and I couldn’t control it. After I released I immediately wanted to take off my condom and take my second shot at it again. I knew it was only short time I was stroking her kitten and I wanted to redeem myself with a longer duration of love making. Farrah looked at me and with her classic voice she said “Awwww, Troy” just like in the freezer incident. “We have other times for more”. I wanted to ask her how I did for my first time. She knew I was a virgin and she wanted to show me what it was like. We got dressed and quickly headed out of her house and sat on her porch talking for about fifteen minutes.

After I left her house I ran almost grinning the whole way to my friend Eric’s house cause at this time I knew he was home. I got to his house it felt like within a few steps but he lived four blocks away in my old neighborhood. I told him about Farrah and the sex talks over the phone and how I became a man. He said “Farrah the one from the next town over” “Yeah” I said. “Oh I use to fuck her” Eric said. “I took her virginity.” It took me about two days since she was so tight, but I got it though”. Instantly I was weirded out, that the girl who was my first lost her virginity to my one of my boys. In a bizarre sex triangle kind of way I should’ve said thank you. What’s even weirder is I didn’t stop having sex with her. Ah virginity you only lose it once!!!!!!!.

2. Leah

Leah was a girl I was dating in my high school days. I was a junior and she was a sophomore. We had done all the first base stuff. Kissing, touching on each other’s parts, and letting my fingers feel her inner wetness. I hadn’t experienced her in full sexual glory. She had a strict religious background and wanted us to take time for it. We often spent time in her house in her den, which had a pool table. I invited my boy John who was my best friend to come over and play pool one day which Leah had always wanted me to bring friends over. She wasn’t very social and had little friends of her own. While I was playing pool with John and Leah we started kissing and I felt her B cup bra. I was familiar with her two peaches she had contained her bra from licking and sucking on them.

My boy John knew he was the distraction while Leah and I snuck off into the part of the den that was cutoff from the rest of the room where we could get private. While John was there it looked like an innocent hangout time. I mean come one her parents were right up stairs and could come down at any time. I needed a lookout. Plus I did the same for him in a jam (Bros for life). Since I didn’t have any condoms I couldn’t go all the way but she told me she wanted me to eat her out. Leah pulled her pants down and asked me to lick her love below.

I got on my knees as she sat down on the chair and I put my face between her legs tasting her sexual caramel flavored privacy. Leah’s murmur “Spell my name with your tongue”. L-E-A-H and then I spelled my name T-R-O-Y. Honestly it was harder thinking of words to spell and to keep up the pace I was going. I must have been licking her love chest for it seems like an hour straight. She stopped me almost hesitantly saying it was getting late and she needs to stop before she makes a mistake with me. I took that as we might have had sex without protection which at the time I would have wanted but now I’m glad we didn’t since later on she got pregnant from someone else.

I grabbed my soda and left to go upstairs. I remember being very cotton mouthed walking home with John as I told him the story. “Troy throw away that sprite when you done”. “That bottle probably got all types of germs on it” “Whenever John fucks you” I said laughing while I said it.

During College

  1. Samantha –

Samantha was my first college girlfriend. She was born in Maryland and she moved around a lot because her dad was in the navy and was constantly being shipped out. I was soooo glad when I finally hooked up with Samantha. It was my freshman year and I was chasing girls all around the campus trying to catch a girl. One girl I had my eye on Lisa had a man back in NY and wanted to keep allegiant to her man. So needless to say Lisa and I never hooked up just a couple of slow grinds on the nightclub dance floor and glances every once in a while.

Samantha was about five foot six in height and had a forty two double D cup bra size. Yes…I didn’t know that was medically possible before I saw her mammoth mammarys. She was thick in the hip side too and had smooth caramel skin. When I first saw her she was dancing with some girls at a local club all the college kids went to in this red dress I couldn’t stop from staring at. My initial encounter with her gave me an impression that she didn’t want to be bothered. “Hey what’s going on? My names Troy” I said. No response from her. “I’m new to the school is this your first year too?” No response. By this time I got her roommates attention who was dancing next to her and she signaled she wanted to leave so Samantha just walked off. I could hear her friend say to Samantha while walking “Who is that guy?”  “Some loooooser” Samantha replied as they both burst into tears laughing.

After that I kept my distance from her most of the school year. One day I think it was in March I went to go eat lunch in our school cafeteria. I went by self since my roommates didn’t have access to food on weekends. Suddenly I spotted her; Samantha was on the lunch line also by herself. I wanted to hurry get my food and leave as soon as possible. Who knows if she was going to have another laugh with some friends at my expense again. I got my food and sat down and started to eat. I couldn’t see where Samantha was sitting so I assumed she left. “Do you mind some company?” I looked up and Samantha was staring at me. I said “Ok that’s cool with me”. Then she sat next to me and kissed me on the cheek. I was shocked. “You’re one of the good guys” she said. “I’ve noticed you around” she said.

While she was talking to me telling me about herself all I could picture is that red miniskirt that pushed out her huge bust line and curves. I had wet dreams about it at least twice since that night at the club wondering what it would be like to be with her. After our talk our relationship escalated pretty quickly. Within two weeks she took me back to her dorm. On the way in she told me to wait by the front door of the hall and she went to her room. Two minutes later three other girls were coming out of her room all saying “Ooooooh Sammy’s got company!!!!”. “Come on in” Samantha told me. When I closed the door she immediately closed the blinds. “Take your clothes off!!!”. She caught me off guard. I stood staring at her for a second. “Why are you still dressed?” she asked while she was undressing herself.

I peeled my clothes off as fast as I could. “There are condoms in that dresser by the bed”. She mentioned while she was getting under the covers. Our first time having sex I didn’t know what to expect I never had a girl take control of the mood. Up until then I planned, initiated and finalized the sexual interactions with me and the other person during my high school times except for the first time. This was new and exciting. Her breasts came out of her bra like escapees out of prison. I licked and sucked on her nipples which started her to breathe hard. “I want to suck your dick” she said before engorging my throbbing rock hard member. We went at it for about two hours and I went through like three condoms. The first time I came in like two minutes. In my defense it was like over a year that I didn’t have sex. My sperm didn’t have a chance staying contained once I knew we were going to have sex.

From that point on Samantha was my girlfriend. She told me that time at the club she was new to the school and had a boyfriend back home which she didn’t want to cheat on and deemed every guy she saw hit on her as a creep. “I asked around about you after awhile” Samantha said. “All the reports came back good so I decided to give you a chance” she said. After a few months we used condoms less and less until we didn’t use them at all. We were the new couple in school. If you invited me to an event they knew Samantha was coming to. One time while I was on the phone with my mom telling her about school and what was new Samantha came in my room. I was pacing around the room anxiously waiting for my mom to get off the phone because I knew Samantha wanted me by grabbing my crotch area and giving me the most magnetic look. “Yes mom I’m studying hard and getting to class on time”. It felt like this conversation was going on forever. Ziiiip my button on my jeans came off and Samantha pulled my zipper down while I didn’t even notice.

She pulled my dick out and put as much of me as she could in her mouth. OMG@$#! I couldn’t focus on what my mother was saying. “Are you getting enough sleep Troy?” Mom said. “Huh” I said I couldn’t concentrate on my mother’s words. Every time I tried to talk to my mother Samantha sucked harder and more vigorously on me. “Mom I have to go my roommate needs to the phone” I said in a faint voice I was trying to keep it cool but I wanted to moan in pleasure so bad. “Ok Troy make sure you call me once a week at least”. “It would be nice for you to call back once in a while” my mom said. “Ok bye mom I love” I murmured before hanging up. “Damn Troy about time you got done!!!!” “Come and fuck me now!!!” Samantha was never subtle. The sex was great and constant but after a year into our sophomore year she begun to get jealous of both female and guy friends. Basically, anyone who I spent time with besides her. We became on again off again with more time in between being off the relationship.


Around this time it was the last three months before I got my associate degree. I had four classes left. In class I met Karrina she was a petite, chocolate skinned, sculpture of feminity. She wore glasses and she had the big eyes that accentuated however she was feeling. I thought she was nerdy at first. She never cursed, never drank, or smoked weed and didn’t like going out to the club. I often teased her, telling her man wasn’t “Hittin it right” that’s why she was such a boring person. Most of the time she ignored me when I talked dirty to her but one day I said “I bet you that if hit it I know you would say I was better than your man”.  Karrina said “You talk a lot of shit Troy” “I know you couldn’t hit it right, the way I like it”. I got to her. She was interested, I knew she stared just a little too long at me in class. While walking up on campus I saw Karrina receiving a gift bag from her family. She said “Hey Troy, You want some candy?” “I really don’t eat sweets that much” “Ok” I replied.

We walked up to her dorm room which was a first because she could’ve just given me the candy at the front. When we got to her room she gave me another gift basket and said “here’s some more candy”. As she passed by my I patted her on her ass which looked much better in the jeans she had on rather than the usual cargo pants. When I smacked her ass she turned back and smiled and said “You should go before you get something started”. Before I left she handed me a note. It was her phone number with the message “K I T your crazy”.

We started chatting during the summertime that year and a few conversations turned into nightly routines. She broke up with her man; they had been on the rocks for a long time. Our night conversations quickly turned into all night chats and we talked mostly about how we had an attraction to each other. After months of talking about it I convinced her to visit me in NJ. She lived liked five states away in Massachusetts. When she came down her mother made Karrina bring her little sister. I believe to make sure I wasn’t going do anything. They meant me family and I toured her around my area and we went to eat. I convinced Karrina to stay the night at a local hotel with her sister instead of going home that day.

In the hotel she told her little sister to go and wash up before she goes to bed. When the little girl closed the door Karrina jumped on me and we kissed splashing our tongues together with intense heat and force. I had practice taking off bras while kissing and took hers off one handed which she impressed her since her past boyfriend probably didn’t know that trick. “Don’t worry she’ll be in there for a little while” Karrina said. I slowly removed her jeans off her baby smooth legs. Karrina had the sweetest smelling skin I had ever been around. Her legs clinched together like a trap door. It startled me a bit. “Are you ok?” “Do you still want to do this?”I asked “Yes” she said shaking. I slowly started kissing on her knee cap and down to her inner thigh while I gently pried her legs apart. I pulled her panties off sliding them off gradually.

I put my tongue caressingly on her labia at first giving her walls small tiny kisses and then licking her clitoris. Karrina had kept her vagina first rate groomed and kept clean. Her feminine extracts tasted like a mixture of honey, Swiss chocolate and a heaven cloud. I couldn’t help but bury my face as deep as I could between her as I could. I might’ve been doing it right because she started grabbing my head and pushing it deeper into her love zone. Then it happened. She jerked her hips and her whole body became very tight as if she locked her whole body into a freeze. “Oh my god I needed that so bad” Uttered Karrina. “When my sister goes to sleep I’m going to make sure I pay you back”.  As promised later that night I had Karina bent over the bathroom sink. “I’m a soldier, I can take it” Karrina whispered to me while I was slowly thrusting into myself into her vagina.

From then on we planned on the next time we would see each other. I went to see her later that year where she lived. I took the train and met her where she worked at, a Marriott hotel in downtown New Salem. She got us a room with her employee discount and within minutes of us getting into the room I had her clothes off and we were doing the nasty. I let her suckle me with her C cup joyfuls. I ate her out which I really loved doing to her. It was the combination of how she tasted and how she made me feel when she put her hands on my head. It turned me on so bad I wanted to sink my tongue in deeper every time. During sex I got her legs spread eagle and hanging off my shoulders while I was giving her deep, hard, pounding strokes to her abdomen. “I want you to cum so hard baby” Karrina said licking my ear. Those words sent me into overdrive. I came furiously. One thing that also turned me on about Karrina is that her vagina was the wettest vagina I had ever seen. There were times when we would be done having sex and my whole waste line would be covered in vagina syrup. She told me she was always like that, but I like to think I helped get her into a new level.

After months of dating I wanted to show her how much I loved Karrina physically. I told her I wanted to make love to her. I didn’t want to rush it. Every kiss I gave was slow and

caressing and her lips on my body felt like little air gusts on my skin. I wanted Karrina to have something from me that no female has had before. While she was straddling me I grabbed her with both arms and thrust as hard as I could into her and right before I came I said “I love you so much Karrina”. A couple tears came down my face shortly after. Karrina noticed “I love you too Troy”. It felt like I transferred my vitality into her spirit being. I gave her all I had of me and from that point she had me with her along for the ride unconditionally. While I wish I could say the story ends well it doesn’t.

A short time afterward she confided into me that she still had feelings for her ex boyfriend and wanted to reconcile with him. That information mixed with alcohol and weed helped me make bad decisions. I found myself back with my ex again Samantha behind Karrina’s back. I told Karrina shortly after I cheated on her with my ex about it. From there it was all downhill between us.

Queen, Theresa, Crystal and Pamela

During my senior year of college I had many sexual exploits, many going on at the same time with different women who didn’t know about the other person. Queen knew about the others, but since we weren’t technically a couple she didn’t care. Queen was a southern sweetheart from the heart of Texas. She was five foot five, thick chocolate wonder. I tried hollering at her during the first part of the year, but she turned me down. She always told me “You up north boys don’t know how to hit it right”, “I need a southern thug for this shit!!!!” Queen would say. Still Queen and I would hang out on a regular basis and I even told her about my troubles with Karrina who I still had feelings for at the time and she told me her woes about the ex she had back home. One night of us playing cat and mouse, we were getting touchy feely on each other, I finally got her to take her pants off. She refused to take her shirt off. She told me one time one of her boyfriends almost bit her nipple off in the heat of passion and she’s been traumatized ever since.

As long as I had her pants off though it was cool with me if she leaves a shirt on. We had crossed that friendly zone and I wanted to see what southern hospitality she had for this northern yankee. I zig zagged lick on her wet love below lips. I listened to every instruction she gave me. She was my ramp agent and I was guiding my moth organ into her terminal. “Little circles, hmmm, now lick up and down” “Stick your tongue in there, good boy” I don’t know how long I was down there, but she stopped me and told me you better stop the sun is coming up. My jaw muscles hurt and I knees were weak while I walking back to my room.

While Queen and I were trying to figure out what were to each other. I was beginning to date Crystal. She was born and raised in Connecticut, but her parents were from Johannesburg originally. We meant through a mutual friend and instantly had an attraction. We lipped lock in her room for hours. Still she didn’t want anything more at the time and wanted to feel things out. I also had Theresa who had a dorm room two doors down from me who I often flirted with. Talking with her I found out she was a virgin and wasn’t looking for a man to be steady with. I had three women on my hands and soon to be a fourth one. My roommate Paul at the time was dating Theresa’s roommate Sarah. Sarah introduced me via chat online to Pamela who I would chat with online for hours. Our conversation would normally be about “How was your day” type of convo just ordinary. “What do you like to do?” “What’s your background?” nothing special. Pamela had a good sense of humor and I was antsy to meet her. I was always asking Sarah “What’s up with your girl?” “When is she coming up?” “Calm down Troy!!! Easy boy down!!!” Sarah said. Don’t you have like three other girls on your list? Sarah was cool like that she was one of the guys to me so I told her about the other ones. She was not fond of Theresa so she never mentioned to her about Pamela and I or the others.

I invited Crystal to come over and watch a movie. Every week we had bootleg movie night in our room. We would watch bootleg movies I got online. The quality was crappy but hey when you’re a broke college kid you make do. In our dorm rooms the bathroom was in between us and the next room but the showers were a community shower. Our beds were hidden from each other behind a large closet and desk. Paul and Sarah had their side while Crystal and I had our side. During the movie I had my hand up Crystal’s shirt with one hand on her left nipple. She whispered in my ear “Come with me into the bathroom” We quietly snuck into the bathroom, but by then I’m Paul had some action going on at the same time as well. Once I was in the bathroom Crystal pulled my pants down and begin to lick the tip on my dick and the guided her tongue along my shaft and then began to give me the best blowjob I’ve ever had in my life.

She used her hands to jerk and squeeze my dick and her mouth was nice and wet. Looking down on her bobbing up and down on my pelvic area was the highlight of my night. I suddenly felt that urge. The one that comes right before you release a nice flow of juices from your organ. I usually tap the girl on the head gently to let her know I’m getting ready to blow (most girls don’t want it in their mouths). I proceeded to let her know I was about to let go, but instead of stopping she speeded up going faster and jerking me off harder. Awwwwww, OMG#@!#$#$#%#%#$#@#!#!#@$$@#!#!@#@#@##$#$#, She took it all in. “Wow” , until then I only heard of girls who swallow, but I thought they were myth like a lycon, or the boogeyman. My knees suddenly got heavy and I fell to the floor in disbelief. “Are you ok?” Crystal asked “Yeah” I replied. “Good I need to brush my teeth,” Crystal said. “Sure down the hall first door on the right.” I replied.

That night Paul told me how he fucked Sarah right after the movie started and I told him my night and we had a good laugh about how crazy it was and went to sleep. While Crystal and I were dating more frequently I still was seeing Queen, Theresa and Pamela. I wanted Crystal the most of all. She had a coke bottle figure and I swear she should have been a model. She was five eight and dark-skinned. She had the perfect C cup boobies and a nice thick ass with a walk that could turn my dick hard instantly. That confident I’m sexy walk. Usually the fellas loved her and the women hated her but she was used it.

A week or so after Crystal and I met up Theresa came to my door. We sat down and talked for a little bit and she asked me “What’s up with you and me?” I told her that I wanted to have sex with her and she didn’t want to at the time and was acting funny. She quickly closed the door and started kissing me. In a short time frame I had her down to her bra and panties. I went in for the kill and started to slide down her panties with I had one hand undoing her bra. “I don’t want to have sex but I want you to finger me” Theresa explained. I slowly moved my right hand down her waist and through her hairy pathway into her pleasure dome. I gently put one finger, then two into her pussy. It was good for the thrill of the moment, but I wanted to have the full course meal not a tantalizing appetizer sampler platter. With the fingers that were inside of her I tried once again to remove her panties. I got her panties midway down enough to where I pulled my pulsating member out and rubbed it against her vagina hoping to seal the deal with one on one contact. “I can’t do this, I’m sorry Troy” Theresa said. With that the mood was broken I stopped and pulled my pants back on and she put her clothes back on. She left and with her was the worst smelling redolence odor I have ever smelled.

My roommate walked in minutes later. He got tipped off Theresa was in the room by Sarah and stayed close by. “What the fuck is that smell?” “You shit your draws again Troy?” Paul said. “Fuck you” “Hey smell my finger and tell me what you think” I said. “Holy shit that’s bad” Paul shouted. During the romp I had with Theresa I totally ignored she was not spring time fresh. That marked her off the list quickly. Down to three!!!!!

Crystal and I were still dating and had our sex on a somewhat regular basis, but it was hard since she didn’t go to our school and lived close by so I still maintained a relationship with Queen and Pamela. “Troooooooy guess who’s coming tomorrow to visit?” Sarah said in a childish teasing voice. “Troy and Pam sitting in a tree”, “I hope you hook up with her because you need a girlfriend” Sarah noted. That night while I was chatting with Pamela she asked me a weird question. “What do you like Jiffy or Skippy?” she asked. I typed back Skippy why? “Chunky or smooth?” she asked “Why?”I asked. Answer the question Troy and I’ll tell you. “Ok I like chunky better than smooth” I replied. “What is that about Pamela?” “Have you ever had a peanut butter massage?” She asked. I almost fell out my chair. “I haven’t but I’ll try it” for the rest of the night Pamela nicknamed me Skippy. I didn’t think she was actually serious. I thought this was a joke to see how brave I was or she was going to say any minute “Just playing, I have never gotten a peanut butter massage, that’s crazy.

Pamela was dead serious. She was a Puerto Rican girl from the area we lived at, but she didn’t go to our school and she spent most of her time taking care of her two year old daughter and working which is why she only came out on special occasions. It was Sarah’s birthday and Paul was taking her out to eat. The plan was Pamela and I would meet up with them after we …… you fill in the blank. The first thing I seen when Pamela came to my room was a large economy size bottle of Skippy chunky peanut butter. No one else knew what it was about except Pamela and I so they just laughed it off and headed down the hall to go eat. I closed the door leaving Pamela and I alone. “You should lie on the bed flat on your stomach” Pamela said. “You’re really going to massage with peanut butter huh?” I asked with a weird look on my face. “Yeah” Pamela replied. “Ok” shaking my head I laid on the bed as she requested.

The peanut butter felt weird on my back. If you ever made a PB & J sandwich and accidentally put some peanut butter on your finger multiple that but thirty degrees of kinky and you have what I felt. After the initial unnatural feeling of the peanut butter I started to relax and rather enjoyed my peanut butter massage. Maybe it was the oils from the peanut butter but it was really starting to sooth some tension. After she finished she wiped off the peanut butter with a few paper towels and asked me to reciprocate the favor. After we were both massaged and loose I wiped her off and we both had peanut butter residue on ourselves. I started kissing on her and since her bra was already off I licked on her nipple with guess what……yup peanut butter as well.

I started approaching unbuttoning her jeans when she told me “I’m on my period”. I heard women tell guys that when they aren’t trying to have sex. Still wasn’t going to say she was a liar. I took a shower and she took one as well and we met up with the rest our crew. I saw Sarah first who asked us as we were walking up. “What was up with the Skippy?” Pamela and I busted out laughing. Our night was great but since she never could be around we kept it on a friendly level, Once Sarah caught on she teased me and would ask who has some Skippy around here?

Meanwhile during all the adventures I had with Theresa and Pamela and Crystal still going on Queen stayed and I noticed so I paid her a visit. “Oh now you remember me” Queen said with such sarcasm. “What’s your problem?” I asked. “Look your only here to pity me so you can leave now” Queen said. “Wait a minute”. Our conversation quickly turned into an argument that felt like one you have with a spouse. Queen “I really like you, but you made it clear you don’t think I can handle you so I found some girls who want me.” “Now if you’re jealous that’s your problem…not mine”. “Make up your mind what and who you want”. Our relationship had clearly crossed the friend zone while I was away. I darted back up to my floor and watch tv. About an hour later I got a knock on the door. It was Queen “Hey” “Hey” I replied can we talk in my room. “Ok” I said.

I followed her down to her room and when I got there, there was slow music playing and the lights were low. The door shut. “Your right, if you’re going be with me and I want you we need to make it official” Queen said staring into my eyes. “You better be good to this pussy Troy, because I don’t just let anyone hit it”. I climbed on top of the bed with her and we started removing clothing and I started kissing on her neck and lips and shoulders. After long moments of heavy petting and breathing she got on top of me and rode my dick. “I’m going to show you what my ex-best friend taught me right before she fucked my man”. Every clinch with her vagina lips I felt and she pounced and pounded on my dick like a pogo stick gone wild. She moved back and forth thrusting and seizing me while I was inside her. I couldn’t take it anymore I rolled her over on her back and got on top of her with her legs over my shoulder. I jack hammered her like I wanted to get to the bottom of the ocean floor. “Troy, Oh god Troy” she cried. I went so hard that when I was done she crawled into the corner and held herself into a ball. The condom I was wearing rip and looked like a balloon after it was popped and shredded. I asked “Can a guy from up north do it as good as guys in the south?” “You got that, you got that” She murmured. I wasn’t only proving it to her but to myself I couldn’t rough or soft during sex. We fucked about three more times that night.

Though the night seemed promising we never did become a couple. The fact was it was near the end of the year and she lived in Texas and I lived in NJ. We both came to the decision it wouldn’t work. I decided to go with Crystal.

After College

Crystal Again

Crystal and I continued to date after college while I was in the process of moving. We both moved within a half hour of each other. I lived in south Jersey while she lived in Philly. Our sex life was great. We were a young in love couple that couldn’t get enough of each other. I remember while I was driving home from a night out we both had together. Crystal had some wine and was too intoxicated to drive. The drive home was only about twenty minutes and was mostly going on a main highway at a time of the night where it was low traffic. I felt Crystal’s hands feeling around for my zipper. I couldn’t help but think it was the wine talking but I wanted to see what was going to happen. She managed to unzip me and pulled out my rod stick and began to stroke my dick gently and then she lowered her face into my lap with her widening mouth eagerly getting her mouthful of me. It was hard concentrating on the road, but I didn’t want to tell her to stop and I focused on the road and held the wheel steady. Her head was up and down, up and down. We finally pulled up to her driveway where she finished my nightcap with her indulging herself with my juices flowing freely in her mouth.

Another memorable time I had with Crystal is when I called out of work at the job I was working at. I felt lazy and decided not to go since it was the summertime and I wanted to enjoy my day. I called Crystal up and within a few minutes we were having phone sex. I started stroking my dick thinking about what she was wearing. Troy” come over”, “Hurry” Crystal moaned while she admitted she was masturbating over the phone. Within minutes I was crossing the Ben Franklin listening to my phones speakerphone while Crystal described in intimate detail how exactly she wanted me inside of her and from what angle. I got to her apartment complex and dashed to her apartment floor and felt that the door was unlocked.

When I walked in Crystal was sitting on her couch facing the door with her legs wide open with her right hand gyrating over her clitoris. When she saw me she looked at me and spread herself wide open letting me see her pinkness in its awesomeness. It was like coming home knowing your mom cooked your favorite meal. I walked over to her lowering myself onto my knees. I pulled out my nine inch plus rod which was rock hard ever since the phone sex. I reached my arms under Crystal’s thighs and pulled her closer to me so I had a better angle to enter inside. I rubbed my baton around her sugar walls giving her a tease. Her pussy nectar was lubricating my tip which aroused me even more and prompted me to close in on her love below. While we were thrusting and stroking and rocking back and forth she started to speak in her native tongue from the area in Johannesburg. Listening to her talk in another language turned me on more so I put her legs back as far as she would let me until we were face to face and her legs were over my shoulders. That was Crystal’s favorite move we called it the “finisher” cause it was guaranteed to make her and I cum usually at the same time. This was the highlight of day with her. After that I had a long nap.

My last story involving Crystal with our memorable escapades was when we went to Brazil. We were there for a week enjoying the sun and fun. We laid out on black sand beaches, and we stayed in an eco-friendly hotel which looked like a big tree house. One day we decided to go for a swim in the water. I wasn’t that great of a swimmer, but Crystal was pretty good so she was my personal sexy lifeguard. I would only go deep enough for the water to come up to my shoulders. I slipped on something in the water that felt like a moving rock or something. It startled Crystal and she grabbed me, saving me from falling into the water.

While she was holding me she bragged how much of a better swimmer she was and how she deserved a reward. Her sex drive to me can be a little over the top and her having just saved my life from whatever that was in the water did scare me. “I took off my bikini bottoms”. “Pull your dick out” Crystal whispered in my ear since people were close enough to look and guess what we were doing. With her grabbing my dick and basically pulling my pants down I eventually got over the fear and focused on her.

I could get lost in her eyes and the fact I still looked at her like a model was easy for me to sex her down whenever the mood called for it. “There you are Troy, I was wondering when you would show up” Crystal said. She knew I was hard and she jumped on me and straddled me. I was holding her while she had her legs wrapped around me. I placed my love muscle into her giving small thrusts. I didn’t want to alert anyone or make it obvious for those around. Her wet vagina matched with the sea water felt surreal, almost like I was having sex in a dream that was way too real. Once I felt the urge that my eruption was cumming I put caution to the wind and gave her full pumps into her vagina. The waves we were making in the water looked like mini tsunamis. I came hard inside of her and she licked inside my ear which has and still is a turn on for me to get me in the mood instantly. Crystal slowly left my arms and back onto her feet and we started to head back into our room for a nap.

Over the year Crystal and I fought a lot more and became more and more distant. We eventually broke up after three years. I didn’t take it well.

Karrina –comes back

Shortly after Crystal and I broke it off for the last time. I was in a little depression because I was a brokenhearted young man who wanted to reconcile with my girl, but I knew this time was different. One day I was moping around my apartment getting ready for work when my phone rang. The name that popped up on was too familiar. I smirked as I picked up the phone. “Well longtime no see”. “How have you been Troy?” “You still with that stuck up chick that thinks she’s all that?” Karrina said. “Let’s not go there Karrina, Anyway how have you been?” I replied.

We talked for hours and I eventually told her how Crystal and I ended. Karrina told me how she ended a one year long relationship in which her ex was too jealous of her having male friends. It felt a little like old times. We even laughed about the time I was giving her fellatio and we heard a comedian talking in the background which broke the mood. “I just wanted a damn piece of chicken.” We repeated the quote laughing and decided to set up a date to meet up.

Seeing Karrina again she looked the same physically. Her style of dress was more neo soul like. Head wraps and blouses using earthy colors. She seemed like she wanted to cover up more. We spent most of the night out on the boardwalk and then we went back to her place. She invited me in and within an hour I found myself in her bed giving her a massage. We both knew that the sexual spark was still strong. While I was massaging Karrina my hand “accidentally” rubbed her succulent breasts exposing her protruding nipples. “Trooooy what are you doing?” Karrina asked. “You know what I’m doing” I said. I put her left mammary gland in my mouth softly sucking her flesh. After a few minutes I removed Karrina’s pants and her panties after that. I went under the bed sheets approaching her sensitive love fuse box. I licked and sucking on her juices until she was a cream filled jelly surprise. After she reached her climatic peak I got on top of her and proceeded to enter inside her. I felt Karrina’s nails digging into my back tighter and tighter and I stroked her vagina harder and harder. I could feel pieces of skin being torn off under her nails. Even though it hurt like hell I got excited that she liked what I was doing so I sped up my pursuit of her getting her orgasm.

“Oh GOD, Oh GOD, Don’t stop!!!! Don’t fucking stop!!!!” “Thank you Troy, thank you” Karrina could barely get the words out. I lay next to her with some pillow talk. “You always knew how to give me what I wanted.” “How come we never became a real couple?” A question I asked that I never got a satisfactory answer. Since I cheated on her years ago she never fully got over that and used it to kill any opportunity for us to become a serious couple. This was a quality that I thought she would one day see was flawed. Sadly while I was good enough for a romp in the hay and overnight conversations I wasn’t boyfriend material for her. Sad to say, but we lost contact within six short months from the constant friction.

In lust with a Stripper

My co-worker told me about was this crazy strip club he went to sometimes and how the girls all had phat asses. I wasn’t feeling going out, I was still hoping to get back with Crystal even though she had a man by now and claimed to be in love with them. My nights consistent of watching tv and writing my thoughts. I wanted to calm things down a bit. I still was a young man and wanted to live some of the night life so I agreed to go with my co-worker. His name was “D” and had already made a baby with one of the strippers he used to see at one of the clubs in Philly he wanted to take me to.

We went directly after work. He told me the club sometimes had rap stars like Beanie Sigel, Freeway, and other artists coming out of Philly. When w got there it looked like a run down bar with a few stripper poles and a background room, obviously a VIP champagne room. The girls dancing all looked a little hood rat like. Some had some good bust sizes and thickness I liked. My one golden rule though when going to strip clubs was I need to get at least two lap dances to test out if the club was worth coming back to. I usually picked the girl I wanted the dances from. I spotted the girl I wanted a lap dance from. She must’ve been about four foot five and had a tattoo on her left ankle that spiraled up to her thigh of a dragon which I thought was hot.

She had a big bust line and a thick waistline. Her name at least her stage name was “honeysuckle”. I asked her for a private lap dance. We walked back to the private room and I sat on the couch and I paid her the twenty dollars which she put in her pocket book. She then mounted on me and pressed her titties against my face which I tried to lick on them, but she pulled them away playfully. She then turned around and grinded her ass which she also was gyrating in front of me. She then grabbed my hand and guided it towards her inner thigh. “Where are you from?” She asked. I told her I lived in NJ, but I was visiting with my friend. I asked for another lap dance and when I did she said “Lay back”. When I did she pulled out my dick and put it in her mouth and started sucking on me. I couldn’t believe it she was sucking my dick in the strip club. After the lap dance she asked do you want to come home with me and my girl as well. I thought hell yeah! I immediately told my boy D who was drinking his beer that I met a stripper who had a friend and we could go back to her place.

It was a scene from one of my favorite porno movies. While leaving the club D and I waited for Honeysuckle and her friend. I got a call from Honeysuckle to wait for her. Twenty minutes after the club closed they walked out. Her friend was named Angela and she was more petite and had a nose ring which to me was a big turnoff. Ehh she was for D anyway. While we were driving D got a call from his from his child’s mother. After his conversation his demeanor changed and I knew he had bad news. “I can’t go with ya’ll I got to get home to watch my son,” D said. After I dropped off D I thought the night was over because two is company and three is a crowd.

When we got to her place her friend Angela who really didn’t talk went up first. While I was talking with Honeysuckle (who didn’t want to give me her real name) we started kissing and she asked me did I want to come up and have sex with the two of them. I thought my night was over, but it actually just started. I came up stairs and went into the bathroom. Since it had been over three months that I have had sex I knew I was going to cum quick. I heard it was good to jerk off first and then I’ll be more prepared. I rubbed one out within a few minutes knowing what awaited me.

When I entered the bed room the two of them were in the bed down into their bra and panties. A porno was playing in the background too intensify the mood. I climbed into the bed and started to grope both of them when Angela stopped me. “Just watch” She uttered as she started to bend over Honeysuckle and rubbing on her ass. I played my role and stayed in the background with my hand stroking my nine inch dick watching as the two of them were licking and kissing each other. Honeysuckle was lying down on her back with Angela sitting on her face straddling her. I couldn’t wait anymore I put my face into Honeysuckles pussy smearing my face with all of her juices and licking up every speck I could see. Angela then rolled me over and starting giving me head that made my toes curl up. She sucked till she made a suction popping sound and then tried to deep throat my dick. Honeysuckle soon joined in licking my balls as well. After we sucked and licked me to the point of explosion I asked them who wanted some dick.

Honeysuckle bent over in front of me while I got behind her. I was watching her ass shake while my dick was at full attention stroking her pussy. Angela was kissing on me and licking my ear asking me to fuck Honeysuckle harder. I grabbed Honeysuckle hips and began to give her long deep hard strokes that made her ass wobble which in turn made me want to keep going harder and harder. In between me fucking honeysuckle, Angela talking dirty and the porno on in the background I couldn’t hold on. I came so fast and hard and Honeysuckle knew by the motion I was going changed. “You came already?” She asked. “I did, but I can go again just let me take this condom off and put on another one” I said. “Uhm, I don’t think so”, “I think the sun is coming up soon”, “You should leave now”. I was stunned they didn’t even want to try again. I stood there looking bungling idiot with no sense of direction. Honeysuckle and Angela had already started their sex scene part two. I tried to approach the bed, but I was told I should leave once again so I took a walk of shame to my car and then the drive of shame back to my apartment while the sun was coming up. I came quickly, but at least it was a memorable night.

Tracy –

With having some financial difficulty I had to move back into my old parent’s house around twenty six years old. I desperately trying to make my debt a short term setup I began working two jobs. One of the jobs I worked at was a steakhouse. It was nothing special about and my co-workers were cool to be around. I even sparked up an interest in one of them. Her name was Tracy; she was about five foot five in height. Her parents were German and she lived in NJ her whole life. Physically she wasn’t the body type I was used to. She had small boobs and a tiny bottom and a muffin top. She wore an excessive amount of makeup. She was one of the guys generally. She was highly flirtatious though and she was often flirting with one of the cooks in the kitchen. Still her playful attention was something I wasn’t getting since I was single and striking out at the club scene.

She usually would block my advances so I kept it cordial with Tracy. When management found out the restaurant was closing its doors we decided to have one night out after our last night at work. We went to a local bar up the street from the steakhouse and started buying beers and drinks. Conversations were either about how bad the management staff was or either “What am I going to do now?” When Tracy showed up she came in already visibly intoxicated. “Trooooooooooooy,” she shouted from across the bar. She startled me and I spilled my beer in my lap. Laughing to myself I could only imagine how many drinks took her to get to this point. “Hey Tracy,” I gave her a hug and she sat next to me. “Aren’t you going to buy me a drink motherfucker!!!!?” “How many have you had already?” I asked “Buy me a fucking drink Troy because you owe me” Tracy stated. I wasn’t going to try and break down her reasoning so I bought her a round of beers for Tracy and myself.

It was a group of ten of us that as the night got late dwindled down, first to eight then six then five and then last call was called in the bar. By this time I had my three beers and was ok to drive. Tracy seemed even more sober as the night went on but she was still loud and obnoxious. As our group walked out as the bar was closing we stayed in the parking lot for twenty more minutes. While I was talking to a fellow co-worker I felt someone behind me and near my ear. I turned to the voice and it was Tracy mumbling something. “Troy stay behind while everyone else leaves. Within ten minutes the parking lot was clear and there was not a soul in sight.  Tracy and I began kissing in her car. I leaned the seat back and she pulled my dick out and pulled out a condom. I put the condom one and pulled my pants down and she did the same.

Maneuvering in the car trying to get the right position was difficult. The steering wheel kept getting mushing against my ass and the stick shift would press against my leg while I was trying to get comfortable. Even with this level of discomfort I was able to get Tracy legs pretty high up and find a rhythm we both could get into. “Come one Troy you can fuck me harder then that” she moaned. Normally I looked at this as a sexual challenge, but since my mobility in the driver seat was limited I couldn’t give her my full circle strokes that I found worked for me. The sex lasted about half an hour and most of it was me trying to find somewhere I could get a good angle to penetrate Tracy so I wouldn’t disappoint. After we were done I got out of the car to stretch my legs and she did the same. Her look had a dissatisfied feel all over it. I could tell this would be our last encounter. Needless to say when I tried calling her the phone went to voice mail and I left several messages all trying to get her to give me a second chance but it didn’t happen. We’ll always have the parking lot huh….loll


Another girl I got with at the steakhouse was named Lisa. I knew her before the steakhouse closed down shop. I kept in touch with Lisa long after the restaurant closed down. I called her on the phone and would setup little dates to meet up. Lisa was I admit a big polish girl who had a fat ass, and she had a tongue ring which she always stuck out at me and asked me can she use it on me. We set up a date to meet in a hotel and screw. I only wanted some easy ass from her because she seemed like an easy piece of ass to get some from. When I got to the hotel she already had a room and some drinks for us. After drinking some bacardi and sprite Lisa starting rubbing my dick through my pants. I asked her if she knew what to do with her tongue ring. I told her this while I was pulling out my Johnson out my pants. I unzipped myself and took off my shirt as she got undressed as well.

I rubbed all over her moderate bust line. She laid down on the bed and put my dick into her mouth deep throat and swallowing my cock. She was good at licking and having her tongue follow the veins on my shaft. Her mouth felt like when you stick your finger into a bottle of marshmallow fluff. I ended up grabbing her head forcing her to deep throat me as much as I can. As my legs started jerking and splurged my sauce into her mouth and she still kept sucking on and on. When she finally stopped I put my condom on and fucked her with her legs in the air. When we were done she said a classic line that I’m pretty sure any guy has heard. “You know this my first time doing that with your dick?” “Sure” I said. I did fuck her two more times, but I soon found myself not wanting anything more and was ghetto acting outside of work so I kept my distance. She soon got a boyfriend and faded away and stopped calling me.

Samantha Reunion –

During the summer of two thousand and seven I was reacquainted with an old girlfriend. Samantha sent me a message on MySpace (remember that?) asking how I was doing and if she could call me to catch up. I said it was cool to talk since I really didn’t have anyone to talk to at the time. We started being amicable to each other first just talking our lives after school and what we thought it should be. Then over the course of a week we talk about what we both could have done to save our relationship. We were both in a much more facile state of mind. I started thinking maybe we can try and make it work. Towards the end of the summer we scheduled a weekend to see each other. I drove to see her.

When I first saw Samantha I noticed she gained some weight and seemed more despondent than she usually was. I assumed this was because she was still living with her parents. They fought all the time and she couldn’t take it at times. I gave Samantha a hug. “Come on let’s blow this pop stand dude”, She still had the goofy sayings she got from her old roommates. “Ok” I replied. We drove up a few dirt roads and into some long street which I swear is the type of street you see unsolved mysteries uncover buried bodies. Ziiiip ….I lost my train of that from Samantha unzipping my jeans and then she began giving me head while I was driving. She gave me enough directions as to where I didn’t have to ask her.

While she was sucking on me I couldn’t help but feel more and more teeth pressing against my dick as well. We got the hotel and I stopped her from finishing her blowjob. When we got into the hotel we got naked and she began giving my head again. She began scaving my dick again with her teeth. The first time I thought it was the driving that threw her off. Now I know this was not a practice run. I asked her to lie back so I could eat her out instead. When I began licking around her she told me that it felt good but she wanted me to stop. When I asked why she said “because I’m supposed to be pleasuring you remember.  She laid back as I got on top of her. “It’s been awhile so take it easy” she explained.

When I got on top of her and slowly tried to put it in she told me to slow down. At the speed I was going a turtle was moving faster than me. I was so still I was doing a full blown pushup formation on top of her and she just laid there. When I finally got inside I felt dryness in her I have never felt before. The sex felt like two sticks rubbing together. Every aspect of the day felt bad from her meeting me at the place to the car head to the bad hotel sex. I just stopped stroking her at that time. “Let’s just watch tv” I said. Needless to say we didn’t have sex that night. I don’t know what happened with Samantha’s sex game but the girl I dated in college and the girl now wouldn’t even recognize herself. After the weekend we continued dating, but we stopped talking on a sexual note. The talking eventually got stale.

Tamika –

I met Tamika at a local bar by my old neighborhood. We both had a mutual friend who thought we should meet. Tamika was a little paunchy, about average height with a busty chest size and burly backside. She wore glasses and she had clear skin with a smile that showed her pearly white teeth. I could tell why our friend thought we should meet because we were both quiet. We exchanged numbers and we began the get to know you game. Tamika was a church going woman in her late twenties. She had two kids from a previous relationship in which the ex boyfriend is not involved. I thought she was a plain Jane and would be sexually into the same things you would expect (sex from the back, oral sex not much else). I was so wrong. Upon talking with her I found out she liked anal sex and she had momentary lesbian affair with someone from her church that they kept secret.

That got me eager to see what she was like in bed. I found out one night after she put the kids to bed. While they were sleeping in the next room she came in pulling her dress up showing she had no underwear on. She rode my rod like a true rodeo champ. Squeezing and grinding using her vagina to capture all of me inside her. During the thrusting her titties popped out which were a plump set of twins that needed oral attention. When the urge came to me to cum I thought I was going to send her into space they way I was thrusting up and up into her. We both enjoyed our time of the night and kept in touch, what she didn’t tell me is that she was already involved with someone else and they were on the rocks. I was finding out she was keeping stuff from me and she had trust issues so a relationship was not fathomable for us.

One night while I was hanging out with my friends one night, Tamika pulled up with a friend of hers. We all started talking and within five minutes I Tamika was drunk, what I didn’t know is she was some sex. “Troy, come take me to get something to eat, I’m hungry” Tamika asked almost shouting. There was a Burger King that was open pretty late so I said I could take her there to eat and sober up. We got in my car and began driving off and within thirty seconds I could tell she didn’t want to eat. She grabbed my dick rather aggressively and asked “Where can we fuck real quick?” I really wasn’t going to turned down a good screw. I knew of a run down bank which did not have any occupancy. I pulled over in the darkest section of the parking lot. I knew the cops rarely came by to monitor the area so we had a few hours to work.

Tamika in the passenger seat leaned back and took off her underwear. I pulled my pants down and got on top of her. Unlike last time I had sex in a car I had more room to maneuver. I drove a jeep Cherokee which had a lot of room in it for this sort of thing. Soon all the windows were fogged up and we were both sweaty and horny. I admit it was against my better judgment not using a condom at the time and the fact I came inside her twice. She told me one time she had her tubes tied after having her last baby. I took this fact for granted. Having sex with her continuously without stopping felt so damn good though. After we were done she said, “You can’t keep cumming inside of me just because I can’t have kids. After that one night we talked and we tried to make ourselves into a couple, but it really was just pointless since neither one of us was interested in long term.

Brittany –

I met Brittany through my boy Aaron who originally wanted me to hook up with her years before. I met Brittany at a New Years Eve party. Prior to meeting her I had heard some stories of her excellent techniques in fellatio giving. So of course I wanted to test the waters. Brittany was a five foot four busty double D in the chest young caramel skinned girl. She wore glasses that made her look like a librarian. She didn’t talk much, but when the drinks and weed started to flow her shirt came off easily and by the end of the night she sat me and two other friends of mine down on the couch with our dicks outs. We decided to make a game out of it. While the lights were low we would play a rap instrumental while Brittany would suck and tug on our members and if we lost concentration while we were freestyling over the beat she would stop. I’ll just say I was able to finish my lines but I did slur a little bit due to the alcohol.

Ever since then I was trying to get some alone time again with Brittany. Brittany originally wasn’t too receptive to us being alone, but as time went on we hung out a little more. Without the alcohol she was more restrained. I knew she had feelings for one of my friends especially, but I knew he wasn’t into her. He actually would avoid her phone calls when she called (trust me I was there). So I knew she was wasting her time. I never told her he wasn’t going to try to hook up with her, but I took the opportunity to hang out with her. After a while I thought nothing was going to happen so I let it go for me trying to have happy sex time with Brittany until one night at work I got a text. “Do you want to come over?” “I’m horny!!!lol”.

I usually don’t get text from her like that. I almost fell out of my chair with excitement. My shift ended shortly after the text. I raced to my house and grabbed some condoms and sheets. I wasn’t going to take her to a hotel. My car hadn’t been in use for a while. When I picked her up she told me how she was feeling hot for a better part of the day. I drove her to spot I know we couldn’t be disturbed. I leaned our seats back and started kissing on her rubbing on her mammoth sized mammary glands through her bra. I was able to sneak the right boob out of its cage and immediately attacked it with an animal like ferociousness. “Wooow damn Troy you must be hungry”, while I was licking and sucking her nip like it was a water dispenser in a hamster cage.

While my tongue was licking her over my fingers were entering into her nectar jar feeling the wetness getting wetter. During this time she was removing her pants and her shirt. I put my condom on and got on top of Brittany and started hurdling her curves, watching her water balloons splashing making ripples like waves crashing on rocks. “Give me all you got Troy, you can go harder than that” She moaned. Those magic words made me pump harder and harder and as I reached my climatic release I could see by her digging her nails in my skin she was into it. After we finished we grabbed something to eat at a local diner and before I took her home I initiated another session which ended with us both sweaty and breathing heavily. After that we kept contact up and I would ask her to send me some dirty pictures and she would. Mostly of her round big breasts shots, but honestly they were the best ones. We never hooked up again, but that night was the memorable one to end the summer.

Conclusion –

In this memoir I have written about past sexual experiences that are the most memorable to me. I wanted to focus on the time at the moment, not on the emotions leading to the moment. I left out the arguments with past girlfriends, the special times that made the relationships special. I didn’t want to talk about the events that weren’t in the confines of sexual experience. I used this medium to tell the stories I would usually tell if my friends were in the room comparing stories. If I was in the barbershop or on the street the stories would sound the same. I enjoyed reminiscing these stories and I hoped you enjoyed reading them. Hopefully this will inspire you to share your stories.Image


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