You graduated nooow what?????

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Education
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UnemployedCongratulations you made it!!!!!!! You did it you were part of the 66% of people who come out of high school and graduated and got accepted into college. Even a more frightening statistic is that only 30% of college freshman graduate within four years according to college results. That’s chilling only 30%. Even more startling is that when you finally graduate throughout all the essays, mid-terms, finals, pop quizzes, book reports that keep you up till 4am when you have a 8am class you can’t be late for since, your professor is a strict piece of %$@# that’s wants to fail anyone for any reason(been there!!!) You made it and here is the scary part of it all.

You finally walked with your cap and gown and let your parents and family see your accomplishment along with the friends you made along the way. The problem occurs after all this is done months after you graduate you can’t find a job in your field or a job with a decent wage. What if you’re a college graduate like me and decide you know longer want to work in the field you have a degree in and you want to start over. You still have to work until you find you way so what do you do? What are the odds for you and against you? How do you navigate through all this? I’mma give you the bad news first and then some hopeful news.

At the start of the recession nearly half of the college grads had to take jobs that underemployed them. Economists thought that this setup was only temporary and when the economy showed signs of recovery that they would also see signs of the shift of college grads going into career jobs that they got their degrees in.  It seems this time around the gap is narrowed between those with bachelor degree, associate degree, high school diploma and no degree and some college. Between the years from 1991 to 2010 the gap narrowed from those having a bachelor degree reached nearly 25% for getting a job out of college down to under 15% in 2010. While those with no degree and some college rose to over 5% almost parallel with those with associate degrees and what surprised me is the percent of high school grads rose to 7% (Yes high school grads have a better chance getting a high skilled job more than those with little college experience and those with associates degree.

It is sad to say but these types of low skill jobs are not going away. One report says that these types of jobs are actually increasing. A report shows from 1980 to 2005 shows a 53% increase in low skill jobs such as food-service, security guards, health aides, cleaners, gardeners, etc. To be honest with you college graduates taking low end low skill jobs in the job market is nothing new. The problem is as opposed to recent decades the transition from taking a low skill job to eventually taking a career high paying job is happening like it has in the past. During the 1990’s when college graduates would take manufacturing jobs, but would converge over to effortlessly into the position that was more fitting to their academic background.

And now the good news!!!!!

There are some things going on to keep your spirits up. If you live in the state of NY like I do the private sector alone has added 23,800 jobs in April of this year alone. This increased the growth rate to .3%. This helped NY reach an all time high private sector job count. Unemployment in the state of NY fell from 8.2% to 7.8% the lowest it has been since March 2009. In the US during this time period has added over 176,000 jobs across the country. The unemployment rate from April of last year was 8.1% compared to 7.5%. That’s a decrease of .6% within a year. This is encouraging news to those looking for a job within these sectors.

A report done in 2012 by the Georgetown University Center on Education and Workforce investigated careers with low and high unemployment rates. Here are their results: The career paths that scored low were Fine Arts, Religious Arts and Philosophies, Film, Video and Photographic Arts, and Information Systems. Some reasons behind these low retainable careers are the facts are when times are tough economically people aren’t spending money on artwork. Also government funding has decreased for those in the fine arts world. As for philosophy and Religious Arts there isn’t much opportunity unless you teach a class in college or become a pastor, but besides that this is a fruitful venture for you if you choose so. For the Video and film degree unless you are up on the technology and use of the internet the classic publications are receding, leaving less and less opportunities.

The more promising fields of study today are Nursing, Elementary Education, Finance and Communications. Nursing’s projected job growth is an estimated 26% by the year 2020. With an annual income of over $65,000 this industry is not in danger of being outsourced since most common sense people want a nurse who can be in the same room with them for care. Elementary Education is a field that will gain over 248,000 jobs by the year 2020. This is a lucrative field but can be challenging. The finance industry is one with an average income of $67,000 and a growth rate of 32% by the year 2020 as well. Last Communications will increase by 17% by the year 2020.

One surprising but not shocking positive sign of a good economy is saying these words “I quit”. Sooooo why would quitting your present job be a good sign? Glad you asked, most quit their jobs when they are certain and confident in a job they already have lined up. The number of people who quit jumped 7.2% reaching 2.25 million people that highest this number has been in 4.5 years. There are still signs we are in a recession, but this news is encouraging and another sign workers are gaining more confidence in the workforce. Job openings reached a five year high in February (also a good sign).

So what about you? I know you’ve heard the bad news and good news and don’t care about whether the job market is getting better or that low skill jobs are not going away. All you want to know is how are you going to get a job.  Here three tips you can thank forbes magazine to help you getting your dream job. The first one is if you can’t get you dream job initially take the one that’s not desirable. The idea is getting your foot in the door. “If you can’t get the job you want, then try wanting the job you have” says Richard W. Samson.  Once you’re in try moving up the ladder to the position you want. Give yourself a timeline and keep track of your progress into that field. If you feel it’s not going as schedule see what changes you need to make accordingly. Next become a volunteer in an organization you would like to work for. This is a chance for you to display your skills. This gives you a chance to serve real needs within the organization you want to work in anyway. As you co-workers get comfortable with you and hopefully you will be networking you can now use your portfolio to ask for a paying job since you already have you foot in the door. Seriously would they hire another stranger or someone they know is capable and competent.

Last one makes it count!!!!!! Turn your free help into a business venture. If you have the supply for a service and you know or know of people who are in need then see if you can make a profit from it. One example used is if you’re good at tutoring, what about babysitting? Or cooking for someone or even catering an event. Once you have a client base you should really look into making it into an official business. Just a few things to think about when you putting together your 5 year goals.

One thing I would look into is going on to a job search engine like CareerBuilder and taking a job assessment test. You may have strengths that you never knew you had. The test is easy. You just answer a string of questions and depending on your answers they will give you suggestions into fields that may fit your aspirations. I hope this has given you some clarity on what you need to do and what the reality is going on at this day and time. Happy searching and as for myself I am inspired I may go back to school again. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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