Inception is not just a movie anymore

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Science, Technology
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inceptionJust imagine waking up in a room knowing something seems odd. You don’t remember how you got where you are and even odder, you know you are in a dream. A dream you can control by just a mere thought. You can create a street, a building or even a whole city and change the environment of the dream to suit your preference. Sounds familiar right??? If you remember a few years ago director Christopher Nolan took us into a world where Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Dom Cobb put together a team to create and manage an elaborate labyrinth world where his subject would then divulge their secrets for reconnaissance.

Inception is the movie I was referring to. This movie may suit as a prototype for the future if we are not careful. In May of this year an article in Mail Online reported about the “Remee Mask”  Crafted by Brooklyn-based Bitbanger labs this mask will help in triggering lucid dreams states. Lucid dream states can happen during the end of the sleep cycle. It is during this state where the dreamer can be become aware that they are in a dream and even gain control over it.

The mask triggers red dots while the user is in REM sleep to help the dreamer realize they are dreaming over time. Duncan McCloud Frazier and SteveMc Guigan are the two partners who make up Bitbanger labs. During the alpha stages of this invention they posted their idea on a crowdfunding website in search of much needed funds. They reached their goal in one day for $35,000. Their price for the mask on the market is $95 dollars. If you go to the website you will see for yourself and you are even able to customize the sleep signal to your desire.

Here’s the real question with movies like Total Recall (The original with Arnold not the latest one) and Inception what are the possibilities with this mask? Will one day a CEO, Politician or even a religious figure be “hacked” into during their dream state and give sensitive information into the wrong hands. I know that problem is ahead of its time and not a here and now problem. Some concerns with lucid dreaming in general are addiction, alienation, exhaustion, undesirable false awakenings and dissociation. I know the idea of literally creating your own paradise is what would drive you to buy this item. My concern is this is a whole new animal in which a wave of possibilities can either benefit or hinder us. What are your thoughts???????


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