R19025.inddThe reason I am writing this blog is in light of the things I have seen across the country that are bothering me. The George Zimmerman acquittal was the tipping point for me. I don’t have a son, but I have three daughters and the stats for black women being arrested and convicted are rising. My point is Trayvon could have easily been Trisha coming from her girlfriend’s house carrying her purse with makeup and a cell phone getting followed by a gun-toting vigilante who had a preconceived notion they were they in the area “suspiciously”. Honestly it’s not just about race there have been certain actions taken by this government and officials that seem to be bringing us back into the decades before. When women did not have rights and were expected to shut up, stay in the kitchen and make babies.

This is about immigration and the steps being taken to make sure immigrants are discouraged from coming into the country. This is about gay rights being threatened in this country (One step forward two steps back). This is about making voting in our elections next to impossible with section 4 of the Voting Rights Act struck down enabling states to make “adjustments” This is about so much more than just a rant on race it’s about the attack on the strides this country has made in the last six decades and the sneaky conniving way those rights are being undermined and gutted out.  In other words bringing things back to the way it used to be.

Voting Rights Act

Our society is too bloodthirsty and eager to hold a gun to solve an issue rather than rationalize a situation. I just read a law still on the books in Maine stating shotguns are REQUIRED to be taken to church in case of a Native American attack. This country was founded on “pull the trigger first out of fear” mentality rather than try to understand the other side. The other blow to minorities recently is the striking down of section four of the Voting Right Act. This section of the law mandates that any state making changes to the law in their state has to be cleared by the court to assure the law is not discriminatory in any way. Within a 48 period of that section being taken down states like Texas, Virginia, South Carolina and more have already started the wheels turning on making changes to voting laws.

I know there has been outrage in the black community about this section being struck down, but Latinos should also be aware. In the presidential election of 2012 the Latino vote gave Obama a big boost in the polls. In the states I just mentioned which are largely republican I am sure tactics are being put in place to frustrate, agitate and even discourage minorities in those areas so less and less come out on those nights where their voice is needed the most.

Abortion Bills

Texas and North Carolina have made strides to restrict a woman’s choice of choosing to keep their unborn child. Texas is pushing forward a bill that would ban abortions past 20 weeks of pregnancy, put new requirements on facilities that practice abortion procedures and also limit a women’s ability to take a pill to induce an abortion. If this bill passes Planned Parenthood in Texas fears it would have to shut its doors to all but six of its facilities. Governor Rick Perry gave a statement about the bill after it passed the house. “This legislation builds on strong and unwavering commitment we have made to defend life and protect women’s health.” He does not get it at all. Honestly the choice over a fetus’s life should be left up to the MOTHER AND FATHER. Mostly the mother because she is carrying the child, when I was young and much less mature, my girlfriend and I had to make a choice much like others in our position about having a baby unexpectedly. My position was to support her decision. While we did not keep the baby the loss was suffered greatly on both of us mentality and spiritually. My point is these choices are not easy, but they’re women’s choices period!!!

North Carolina passed a bill through the house awaiting senate approval with a 74-41 vote. The bill places unnecessary requirements such as having a doctor present when an abortion is being performed. The bill would allow the North Carolina Department of health to make changes to the 31 abortion clinics at any given time and without restraint. It also prohibits government issued insurance plans such as the ones covered under the “The Affordable Care Act” e.i. “Obamacare”. Alabama and Mississippi are also in the process with their own versions of an Abortion Bill in their own respective states. 42 out of the 51 states have introduced bills that make access to abortion harder, more frustrating and even give a level of embarrassment when a woman is subjected to unnecessary tests and probing by a doctor who honestly were not mandatory for these procedures.  To make matters worse the abortion bill in North Carolina was snuck into a Sharia Law bill.

House 695 prohibited the recognition of foreign law, such as Islamic Sharia Lawin family courts. When an amendment was made to the bill after a recess until 5:30 pm it added the abortion bill to the original bill with little warning. Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocacy groups had no idea the bill would be introduced when it was brought before the house. Women rights are under attack stay vigilant.


Immigration has been a hot button issue for the last two elections. I believe we need regulations, but we also need a light at the end of the tunnel. Some of the bills being proposed to me are just a delay tactic to deter immigrants of ALL races and nationalities from becoming part of this country. Let me also make this one point clear I really don’t understand. Unless you are of Native American decent guess what people YOU’RE A DESCENDANT OF AN IMMIGRANT!!!!!! Look into your lineage the proof is there. If you trace your decent going back before the 1600’s guess what your ancestry originated from another country. The beauty of this country is that we are a melting pot building on America from the best and brightest minds this generation and generations before have to offer.

Surprising GOP leaders want immigration reform, but the roadblocks are the House Republicans. With fears what the political landscape will look like if more immigrants are granted citizenship. Don’t believe anything else except this is a game of political stalling to avoid consequences in fear of losing senate and house seats in backlash from supporters. The fear is a primary challenger could come in clean up the wreckage if supporters of politicians feel their voices aren’t being heard on the immigration issue. While House Leader John Boehner has been getting pressure from democrats to push the reform for a vote the coward will more likely wait until the lame duck session when more proposals get reviewed and voted on. Kicking the can on immigration reform to me will bring political death to those postponing the inevitable. With whites becoming the minority and black and brown becoming the majority it only makes sense that a lot of the places of origin for them still have family and friends that are waiting for passage in America. Let’s see what happens.

In Conclusion

I remember after 2008 when Obama won his historic election there was an uproar that the country was going in the wrong direction. The minds of those discriminate against women, minorities, gay and lesbian and foreigners created a grassroots movement now known as the Tea Party. Phrases being thrown around by the party I remember were “Bringing our Country back” “Like it used to be” “The Good Ol’ days”. To me this was rhetoric used by those who noticed a shift in the country. This upturn in the minority vote and women vote was not celebrated by all and some felt disenfranchised, probably for the first time ever. Taking back this country will not happen willingly. Keep in mind the strides for inequality were fought for. If you listen to the whispers there is a strategic plan outlined putting into play across the country. I love all races, genders, nationalities and sexual orientations and I feel it is my duty to report to you what I hear and see and ultimately forecast of what is to come. To my gay and lesbian friends celebrate your right to marry just be wary that just because it is now law does not mean it’s over for the fight.

Let Justice serve the people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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