Is thinking positive just as easy as it sounds?

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Mentality, Positive Thinking
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I wanna talk to you guys for a second. I’m trying to figure out if positive thinking and positive reinforcement is as easy as it sounds. Before I go any further let me explain my question. I was speaking with my wife having a  conversation and she asked me a question about moving into a new house. She found a place online and got excited. We’ve been planning for months. Anyway I was listening to her getting more and more excited about the house. Telling me all the details and things she liked about it. That’s when she asked me .….”What do you think?”

Honestly I hate moving and I hate lugging around furniture and we have already been to about five different locations within the last two months looking for a new place to call home. My point is I wasn’t all that excited about it as she was. She gave me this disappointed look and told me I was too negative and I am always too negative. “Thinking negatively will only bring negativity in your life.” she said.

Does the state you live in play a part of thinking positive and mental health as a whole? States such as Arkansas, Indiana,Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee and West Virginia are all rated as the most depressing states to live in. Reasons why individuals may be more inclined to negativity in these parts can be attributed to poverty, diseases like obesity, hypertension and diabetes. Missouri itself has a rating of  13% for psychological distress. The state even started a pilot program that integrated primary and mental health care. So maybe it does matter where you live.

I just posted another article I found that claims there is a connection between where you live and the ability to make it out of a lower social class and move to an upper social class. For states like New York,Boston, Seattle and Houston are places where a person growing up in poor standards of living have a fighting chance to make it into a status of opulence. While places like Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Columbus among others do not have the same mobility factor according to the article I posted up.

I am a believer in Karma or the “Law of Attraction”you  know putting the vibes out in the world and having them come back to you good or bad. I guess my outlook is people who are always happy and smiling don’t seem genuine to me. Singing nursery songs and keeping a good outlook on life just wasn’t my style. I wanted to look at the world with an honest lens. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer or the person walking in like they have rays of sunshine bursting our of them.

Well thinking positively can help you live longer. Happy people are less likely to get sick and feel the effects of stress and even positive vibes lessens the chance of stress hormones like cortisol (heart disease contributor) to be sent through out your system. A study was done around a group of nuns in a convent. They were asked to write an autobiographical sketch upon their acceptance into the convent. Sixty years later those same nuns, those who were still around were then brought back to the study. The results were prolific.

The scientists found that the nuns who had a positive outlook and indicated this in their writing about 90 percent of them had survived some 85 an older. While those who wrote less positive of even negative autobiographies only around 34 percent of them were still around at 85 or older. Taking into account the groups of nuns had the same diet, and similar socioeconomic backgrounds the nuns were alike.

Ok so I agree that my attitude does need a fine tuning once in a while. I found some ways to increase my positive thoughts and not focus on the bad. I can meditate, smile more, hang around ll positive people. Help someone in need. Another one I really like is read positive quotes. “The energy you bring, positive or negative, dictates your perceptions, receptions and radiations.” – T.F .Hodge

I’m gonna try to think positive .…...Maybe that house my wife was talking wasn’t so bad.Image


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