Where is the reality for reality TV?

Posted: July 29, 2013 in Celebrity, Entertainment
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Honestly there are alot of topics I could be writing about today for your enjoyment. The food service strike going on in ten cities around the country for higher wages. I could write about Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity contracts not being renewed for radio syndication. I could talk about the killing in Egypt this weekend or even the new voter ID laws being introduced in NC. Hell I could even talk about what I think about Jay-z new album, but instead I‘m gonna talk about a subject I want to get off my chest and hopefully never talk about it again. Well at least not soon anyway.

Reality TV used to be a low-grade of entertainment. You take a camera crew, a person to follow around throughout their menial day . I remember reality shows like MTV’s “The Real World” and it was just a bunch of strangers living in one house of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. It was groundbreaking because it was a new concept that no one had done before on that level. Truthfully I didn’t watch the show but I remember a guy named Pedro Zamora from The Real World San Francisco who brought light not only to those living with AIDS/HIV but also the gay community as well. His story on the show humanized and educated us about a fraction of the country I didn’t know much about and had my own preconceived ideas about. Zamora even became an AIDS educator who advocated for more educational programs in Washington DC for demographic like his own.

I gave you Pedro Zamora’s back story to ask you this. Do you believe Keeping up with the Kardashians, Jersey Shore, Jwoww and Snooki, The Apprentice, Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Big Brother, Duck Dynasty, Bride Zillas, Project Runway, Hell’s Kitchen, Hoarders, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Basketball Wives, Honey Boo Boo, The Voice, American Idol and other shows I surely forgot about would ever be that impactful on the country both politically and entertainment wise? I know it’s not fair to target these shows or any other shows when we know it’s just entertainment. That’s the problem we know it’s not real and we still watch and tune in for the season finales and reunion shows.

Four out of five Americans think there is too many reality shows on the air. 82% according to AP-TV guide poll suggests that the viewers believe that the shows are staged or very distorted. One thing that jumped out at me is the cost to make a reality show is sometimes more than actual primetime show. That doesn’t sound right. Well if you take in to account the characters of these shows may shoot in different locations. In some shows and movies a green screen is added to create the effect and background, but with reality tv the cast actually has to be there in person. Also production and editing plays a heavy part in putting together those moments that the viewers love to see whether it’s the arguing, or a conversation or sound effect. Those  moments don’t just happen heavy editing and splicing go into making the scene just right to give just the right amount of suspense and raunchy antics. Let’s not forget the salary. I remember reading the cast of the show “Jersey Shore” each got a hefty pay raise after the first season. I believe it was up there to about hundred thousand dollars per episode for all of them. I believe the cast of Duck Dynasty up the ante by holding out for $200,000 per episode and refused to shoot season four until their demands were met.

Here is my main gripe with reality tv. Too me for the most part it doesn’t educate and shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians have become more of a paparazzi, media circus than a TV show about a family loving, laughing and goofing off together. I am guilty though of watching a few reality shows. I do watch Bar Rescue I enjoy John Taffer’s expertise about growing and revitalizing the businesses they asked him to fix. I even enjoy when he tears the boss a new ^%$*&%^ if he doesn’t like the person’s attitude. To me that show does teach me more about what it takes to run a business and that is invaluable information. What the hell can I learn from Honey Boo Boo????? Really I mean what can I learn I’m asking you?

Maybe I’m just being too petty, but honestly to me these shows contribute to the dumbing down of America. It also shows how voyeuristic we really are when we want to know all about these people and most of them are even talented or smart or deserving of a show. OK ok I’ll stop I just had to vent this out. Let me know your thoughts.

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