Thank you so much

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Positive Thinking, Uncategorized
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I wanna take the time out and thank any followers following my blog, random readers of my page and just anyone who has come across my stories and have enjoyed them or even hated them. I feel the need to share with you why it is I write these pieces. A few years ago I moved from NJ to NY. In the transition from the move I have also become a parent and a husband. Back in NJ I used to talk with my friends a lot about anything that came to mind. Living here I kinda of lost that. I do talk with my wife, but she doesn’t get my brand of humor and banter. I decided to write these blogs to give people insight to how I reason with the struggles of everyday life. I offer my opinions and listen to yours if we have differing opinions or not. I want to give my perception of what I see and hope that you will share yours. In writing these pieces I found I have a passion for it and want to develop this from a hobby to a way of living for me. I have taken steps to go into this field. Anyway I just wanted you to know.


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