Too many seats to play musical chairs

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Capitalism, Class Warfare, Politics
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If you have any interests in politics in this country then this may be of interests to you. Heck if you want Washington to stop the gridlock and get things done then this may also spark some outrage with you. Congress currently has a 77% disapproval rating with only 15 laws passed so far. According to the NY Times and Cook Political Report there are 10 states with unfilled Senate Candidacies. Also 369 House districts with unfilled candidacies as well.

It seems the vibrant, lively air has gone stale in Washington and frankly people are tired of it. So tired that both democrat and republic parties are having trouble filling seats in congress. On Morning Joe on MSNBC he did a segment pertaining to issues with finding willing individuals for the senate seats for the 2014 elections. “This used to be the prestigious position. You asked a governor now. What do you like better being a governor or a senator they all laugh.”

If your a governor or CEO of a business you can take a position on an idea and implement it almost instantly. In the senate nothing gets done and they trash talk you. Joe then shares a story of how he dealt with lies about him once it caught wind he might be running for the senate in 2006. David Axelrod who was the former senior advisor to President Obama advised that some of the issues are if your a conservative the big worry is primaries and going against a candidate who is far to the right than you may be. The other issue is that fact that a bill you have to get up to as many as 60 votes in your favor. It’s hard enough in my house to agree on whats for dinner Chinese or pizza, take out or dine in.

My take on what’s going in Washington is that they are a broken system working with inferior parts. What are your thoughts on this one? Image


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