Jobs to get in a recession

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Capitalism, Class Warfare
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If some of you guys need to know what avenues as far as jobs go in a recession. Candy is one industry to look at. Cadbury’s sales were up 30% in 2008 during the worst of the recession. Something to think about. Cosmetics and nail care business profit from women wanting to pamper themselves cheaply. Matter of fact according to Schaefer a writer for the NY Times says lipstick sales are a good indicator of a dragging economy.

Contraception sales were up 12% in 2009. Couples taking precautions not to have any unexpected additions to the household. Luxury retails stores, repos are a good money making business in bad economies. Bankruptcy lawyers as well. Government jobs, education and healthcare jobs also prosper in tough times. Cigarette industries makeout in bad economic times as well. Discount retail stores like wal-mart are good too. Public utilities like electricity companies make money in economic hardships as well. I just wanted you to know if you’re looking out there.


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