Bad movies are way to expensive

Posted: August 9, 2013 in Celebrity, Entertainment
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If you are a fervent movie goer than this summer you may have spent a lot of time either being disappointed, reading more or just suffering through one  horrible cinematic experimentation after another. Honestly I‘m not a movie buff, but I did see some great movies myself this summer. I saw Iron Man 3. If you saw the first two installments then your familiar with cynical Tony Starks and the awesomeness of his gadgets and his creation iron man. This film brung in $175 million opening weekend second only to “The Avengers” as the biggest movie opener of all time.

The second film I saw this summer was the much anticipated “Man of Steel” which brought in $125 million opening weekend. Both movies I love not only because the action scenes were spot on and kept you engaged on the edge of your seat. The 3-D effect made the scenes much more eye brow raising. The thing I thought made these movies so good is the fact we saw the same movie anecdote told a different way. Particularly with the man of steel. I felt like I was reintroduced to the life of Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman once again. I knew the background story of how the newborn baby was sent to earth by his parents to save him from a dying world. The movie to me filled in the gaps of how and why superman became the symbol for; hope, compassion, empathy, strength, power, human kindness and veracity. Watching the back story helped the movie.

Now the bad movies. The summer was full of bad movies including; The Lone Ranger, White House Down, After Earth, Hangover 3, The Internship, The Peeples, The Bling Ring and The Big Wedding. Honestly I haven’t seen any of these films and I refuse to so I can only assume the ailments of the bad string of movie attacks are overly excessive budgets for old ideas attached with some A -list or B -list celebrity hoping to carry the film into box office gold. Here’s the problem the story lines are stale, there isn’t good chemistry between the actors, the plot is too predictable and lacks imagination and the production team/directors get these balloon budgets to make the same movies over and over and over again.

The Lone Ranger alone cost Disney films over $190 million dollars. After Earth which was supposed to be another Will Smith summer blockbuster movie. This time his son Jaden Smith was in the movie whom made his action debut in the reincarnated “The Karate Kid” . The Internship starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson bombed as well. The film cost $58 million and only brought in $49 mil. I think the expectation for a wedding crashers 2 put too much pressure to film to live up to. Even though Vaughn and Wilson wanted to distance themselves from the comparison. My thoughts on this one especially are sometimes their are windows of opportunity and public interests in what we wanna see. If films or albums don’t meet these deadlines then they are X -ed out of our minds. Example I hear their making a Dumb and dumber starring Jim Carrey once again. WHO REALLY WANTS TO SEE THAT NOW!!!!!! Seriously

The audience that enjoyed the original Dumb and Dumber are grown up working middle class adults who have grown out of the slapstick antics that this film was made famous for. The generation now who the film will try to appeal to won’t get it. If I was a teenage boy or girl watching this film when it eventually comes out. I would think “Why are these old guys farting and riding miniscooters?” I don’t get it. Keep in mind Jim Carrey isn’t bringing in audiences like he used to in the movie theaters.

Even George Lucas and Steven Spielberg says the industry itself is in danger of self implosion.Check out the article on the the for their full interpretation of the mistakes in the industry.  Bottom line movie industry you suck make good original films …….Thank you


Peace and love ya’ll


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