Religion and Science bitter enemies or distant relatives

Posted: August 12, 2013 in History, Religion, Science
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religion vs scienceI don’t consider myself a deeply religious person. I do pray at night and believe in GOD, but short of that I don’t; go to church, read the bible or anything like that. I do however what to give another explanation behind some of the stories in the bible. I just want to objectively give another perspective on them.

The 10 Plagues of Egypt

– If you have heard of the story behind the 10 plagues then you know the plagues were brought upon Egypt from GOD to punish the Pharaoh for not freeing the Israelites out of slavery. The first plague is the plague of blood. One scientific explanation is the Nile turned red due to high concentrations of iron oxide in the water caused by a volcanic eruption causing a red color.

The plague of frog, gnats and flies – The iron deposits killed the natural sea life nearby. With no sea life the frogs went to the land scouring for food. The dying frogs drew the flies and gnats into the town.

The plague on livestock and boils – The release of the gas from the riverbed led the dead animals and boils. The plague of Hail – The explosion of Santorini which is called the super colossal explosion caused a storm covering Egypt with hail and fiery debris.

The plague of locusts – The heat from the debris from the volcanic explosion attracted the locusts to come out of the ground. The Plague of Darkness – Ash clouds from the Santorini eruption covering the sky.

The Plague of the firstborn – The volcanic eruption brought in iron oxide deposits and also CO2. This gas stays low to the ground and suffocates anything that lives in its path. During this time the Egyptians had a tradition of honor. They would have the firstborns sleeping on a bed extremely low to the ground. The other family member would sleep on the roof or places outside the house. This sleep arrangement became the firstborns tomb.

If you think this was the first and only time an incident happened like this think again. In 1986 another event happened called the Limnic Eruption causing the death of over 1700 people and animals. This event also released the CO2 gas killing anything living at a low altitude.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ – The resurrection of Jesus Christ has been long debate. Was this a fabricated story or was this an actual miracle that the Lord and Savior went through. One evidence piece for the marvelous explanation is the Shroud of Turin.

The human anatomy of the shroud was perfect. Knowledge about anatomy was discovered until the 20th century, but the re-discovery of the shroud goes back to 14th century France.

The image of the shroud was not painted on it was burned on as if to say when Christs died and his body went from mortal to immortal there was a small burst of radiation burning the image into the cloth.

The blood on the cloth was real human blood. The blood went through parts of the cloth. The blood also was not subject to decay which would have started to happen in the 72 hours Christ’s body was in the cloth.

Parting of the Red Sea – To me this is the most interesting story to prove by science. At least with the Shroud of Turin you have physical evidence to test and base your theories on. With the story of Moses raising his staff and parting the sea. It would be hard to prove. One explanation a event called “Wind Setdown” This occurs when wind and tides drive water abnormally far from the coast. It is this explanation that is popular with a science basis of parting the Red Sea. A overnight easterly wind with a speed of 20ms-1 would have created a sea level drop over 2.5 m at the northern end of the Red Sea. Also using the possibility of a submarine ridge creating a bridge to cross this would’ve given the Israelites the opportunity they needed to cross the sea. A drop in the wind speed would’ve made the waters to comeback rapidly. Within as little as four minutes the Pursuing Egyptians would have been drowning in water.

I know religion and science are usually on opposites end of the ring. Like two opposing boxers using their explanations to land blows to the other side. Myself, I see religion and science as someone discovering their face features for the first time. When you look around you know you have something that allows you to see. When something makes a noise you know you have something that allows you to hear. You know you can smell and taste and touch. It isn’t until you see a reflection, either by a mirror or water that you see your own face and notice you have a pair of eyes to see, a nose to help you smell, ears so you can hear, a mouth to eat food and taste and talk with and hands to help you touch grab and use for daily tasks. Science as I see it is the mirror that gives the details behind the questions of who? what? where? and why?. Does it makes the miracles any less miraculous?  Just because you are able to explain an event does not mean you are able to replicate it.


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