What does it take for school shootings to end?

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Evil, Guns, Law, Politics, Psychopath, Sociopath
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school shootingWe have to change the culture and attitude of this country regarding the second amendment and treatment for mental illness. I just read on the news about a  twenty year old male walking into another elementary school with a assault rifle. The suspect is now in custody named Michael Brandon Hill fired over half a dozen shots at police in Atlanta. Surprisingly no one was hurt this time. Thank GOD.

Before he got capture and eventually giving up he was able to hold captive two employees of the Ronald E. McNair Discover Learning Academy. It seemed he was looking for a standoff with police instead of killing innocent teachers, staff and children. There seems to be no clear relationship with the suspect and the academy itself or any of its staff. Once the suspect was apprehended he was charged with; aggravated assault on a police officer, terroristic threats, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

So now the question should be raised again. How do we keep our kids safe? I think we need to change the second amendment so people with criminal and mental illness backgrounds are flagged earlier. Those individuals who own guns need a mental stability evaluation held by a psychiatrist. The evaluation should be a written and face to face meeting with the psychiatrist to examine if the person who owns the gun is likely to fall under pressure and lead themselves into a chaotic episode like the ones we’ve seen played out over the last few years. We also need cutoff access to assault rifles unless they are for the military or law enforcement with a license to carry.

Some might say no this is not the answer. The problem is not the guns or access to them but solely the individual and the problem is that the schools, malls, libraries, etc. are not secure enough. Instead of fewer guns we need more good guys with guns. To me this approach is not the answer. Definitely not in favor of teaching school staff how to carry and fire weapons. Here another tidbit there have been amendments changed in the past. In 1933 the twenty-first amendment repealed the eighteenth amendment which mandated the prohibition of alcohol nationwide.  I just brought up that fact because ratifications happen because the people want a change.

I am a firm believer though this society is becoming more and more insensible. The moral compass in this country is really askew. In addition to the shooting attempt in Georgia (Thank GOD the kids and staff are safe.) three teenagers two of which are being charged with murder in the first degree and the third teen is facing charges of accessory and firing a weapon.  Christopher Lane who lives in Australia but was visiting his girlfriend in Oklahoma was gunned down. Not because he know his killers and had an altercation. Not because he was troublemaker or anything like that. He was killed according to the statement by one of the teens because “We were bored and didn’t have anything to do. So we decided to ill somebody.”

How demented and detached from human emotion so you have to be to just randomly want to kill someone and then actually do it. The three teens James Francis Edwards (15 yrs), Chancey Allen Luna(16 yrs), and Michael Dewayne Jones(17 yrs) shot Christopher Lane in the back. How gutless are these guys? This society through glorification of violence and psychopaths, where we are desensitizing our generations with graphic sexual and horrific images daily. Lack of parenting also plays a role in this as well. These were just kids shooting this man. It wasn’t clear how the teens got a hold of the firearm, but my guess is they had access to a gun and wanted to “do something” cause they were bored. In my day if were bored in the summertime we had super soakers. Yeah we would shoot each other, but the opponent got wet not dead.

My last issue I want to have changed is the stand your ground law. There is a brilliant commercial online by the PSA that uses actual audio from the night Trayvon Martin died. The George Zimmerman trial sparked a national conversation about race, about violence with guns and about the Stand your ground law itself. Since the verdict acquitted Zimmerman the attention has been put on lawmakers in states that host this law to change, or even repeal the law. The commercial shows a young African-American boy laying lifeless on the ground. The camera then slowly shifting to another side of the screen showing other young Americans laying dead as well. Above the bodies a state would show. The states who have stand your ground laws. I think will send a powerful message to cause.

What do you think?


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