Can xenophobic language used by politicians and media help race relations overall pt. 2 Immigration reform

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Politics, Racism, Social Issues
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statue of liberty in chains

In the last part I talked a little bit about senators making statements that remind minorities we have come as long as we’d hoped. Now it’s one thing to still deal with justice domestically, but what about abroad? What about statements questioning a persons citizenship. Our own president has been the target of attacks from conservatives using his citizenship as a ploy for Americans to view him as an outsider. One person still trying to keep this view point alive that Barack Obama was not born here is Donald Trump of all people. No other president previous to Obama has been ridiculed and accused of giving false birth certificates until now. Why do you think that is? It’s a case of separationism. Separating “us” from “them”.

A couple weeks ago Representative Steve King made this statement “Immigrants are mostly “evil” Marijuana smugglers with calves the size of cantaloupes. He used this imagery to address the undocumented immigrants he feels out number 100 to 1 the number of valedictorians that have parents that are immigrants. Really!!!? can you make a statement like this and not have backlash? He even called a group of valedictorians that went into his office to protest his opposition to the “Dream Act” “20 brazen self-professed illegal aliens”. He also doesn’t want immigration reform until we can; “Differentiate between the good ones with deep ties to America and the ones who are undermining the culture and profiting from criminal acts.” He uses this excuse to postpone the inevitable immigration reform that will happen. He uses this language even as one of his constituents junior senator for the state of Texas was not born in the US himself. He was born in Canada while his mother was born in the US. It wasn’t until his birth certificate was called into question that he wanted to renounce his Canada citizenship which he has upheld until recently. Why hasn’t senator Cruz gotten the backlash from his colleague Steve King that he gave those valedictorians? My theory is it was only to insight outrage among that minority group that are less likely to vote in his favor. The strategy  to me is simple create outrage among your base that can stall the voting on the reform. That way while we sort out the confusion it will push aside the main issue. King knows once this issue is voted on and PASSES that this will open the pathway to citizenship and a new wave of voters will be able to become part of the democratic system and vote. Who do you think historically minorities have voted for? Not your party Steve King.!!!!


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