Can xenophobic language used by politicians and media help race relations overall pt. 4 Who’s making the money?

Posted: September 7, 2013 in Activist, Capitalism, Class Warfare, Law, Murder, Politics, Racism, Social Issues
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In the last three parts of this blog I wrote about politicians using inflammatory language to ignite their base, spark controversy and to gain power. One important thing that I didn’t touch on yet is who benefits from these statements? More importantly what industries actually utilize racism to make money?

One industry that is making money off of human misery as well as racism is the US prison system. You would never think companies that specializes in furniture, communication, medical services, transportation, food, clothes and construction would benefit from the rising population of inmates in prison. Prisoners are treated more like raw material for manufacturing rather than human beings. The term used most frequently to describe this trend of using highly exploitable cheap labor is called “prison-industrial complex” .  Scholars and professional activists alike view this as the continuation of slavery. Think about it no union, minimum payment, no insurance, no strikes and the workers are all full-time and never late. Accusations of abusing poverty-stricken communities and incarcerating people for minor crimes is a ploy to exploit these individuals as “free labor”. The race that is the most denuded to this system of imprisonment is African-Americans. According to The Huffington Post an article was written stating that there are more blacks in jail now that slaves at the height of slavery. Blacks make up only 13% of the US population, but we also makeup 40% of population in jail. If all this information is true wouldn’t it make sense that businesses big and small alike profit from free labor to build their products. How guilty do you feel knowing a prisoner was forced to manufacture an item for a business. I would assume that most don’t care since prisoners are often viewed as sub-human, second class citizens. Don’t get me wrong If they did a crime they should be punished, but to be turned into slave worker that’s a whole other story. By the way these prisons not only contain black people, but people from all walks of life.

Another industry that benefits off the backs of racism is the gun industry. Another article I read in The Huffington Post goes over three gun magazines that are sold nationwide. The author of the article noticed one ostensible theme was all of the people in the magazines were white. Only a sliver of models in the magazines were of color. one example they read a magazine called Guns and Weapons Magazine for the Oct. 2012 issue. They counted 131 white people to 2 black people in this issue. No Hispanic or Asian what soever in this magazine. They found a similar theme for two other magazines for guns as well. The argument here is it is apparent there is a culture of racial paranoia in this country. Depicting whites as the everyday gun-toting citizen who uses their gun for hunting or for protection. The NRA has used fear and racism to boost gun sales. Under president Obama gun sales have gone up all because the NRA presidents says Obama is coming for the guns. He also takes advantage of anyone who has ill will toward Obama our first African-American president. The use a twisted sense of patriotism to make those feel they have a duty to carry a gun. A law was just passed in SC permitting licensed gun carriers to carry their weapons in schools, restaurants, playgrounds and other public places. Why do you need guns in these places? What are they afraid of? If your carrying a gun who or whom are you targeting for? All it takes is a gun fear, and the misguided on your side to give the authority to pursue YOUR OWN sense of justice against whoever.

Last the media are the most guilty of all. It doesn’t take a genius to know that race plays a part in everyday news. The murder of Trayvon Martin and how the media took sides gave Americans viewpoints that were down the middle. If you watched fox news Trayvon was a thug teenager, who not only smoked weed a lot, but also was a troubling maker, because he got in trouble at school. If you watch MSNBC it painted George Zimmerman as a wild man vigilante who took matters into his own hands  and executed Martin after profiling him. The country become divided after the acquittal was announced. Individuals took sides and look toward their news channel for updates. It wasn’t before long that facts became distorted and stretched to fit their own bias narrative. NBC used audio clips to make it look like Zimmerman was racial profiling Martin. While fox news used pictures of Martin they obtained from his facebook and other sources that show him smoking weed, smiling with a grill in his mouth. The imagery was used to paint Trayvon as a “bad apple” another one of societies youth that it is now too late to save.  When you demonize the other side and separate yourself from them the lines begin to draw. This overall is what the media and those in power want. If you’re in a state fear and afraid that a shadowy black man, or brown man or white man who is made out to become a boogie man is after you. Just in the nick of time a leader comes forward to protect you might be more susceptible to the charm. It’s how George Bush was re-elected. He used the fear of the US becoming under attack by another 911 and the war against Al-Quaida to make the population think any day could be the day we get bombed again. Remember the color coded terror alerts that used the color green, blue, yellow and orange to keep us in a state of hyper vigilance? The media was that tool to keep the terror cycle continuing while Bush maintained power. Would he have gotten his second term without the use of fear and the media?


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