Image Meet Jaylen Bledsoe who is 15 years old. Now he’s not just an ordinary 15 year old. This upcoming teenager has built an IT company worth 3.5 million dollars in two years time. Impressive!!! Bledsoe technologies was established when Jaylen was 13 with only two employees. He now has over 150 contracted employees under him. His business specializes in web design and has expanded overseas. His website promotes services such as corporate branding, business consulting, technology consulting, e-commerce solutions, online marketing campaigns and that’s not even half of what they do. No surprise this kid was the President of the Student Council in his high school not to mention he was also the Chief Technology Officer for a program promoting teen volunteerism. With this resume so far we could be looking at the next Apple giant

. Image Meet Jacob Barnett what makes his story so interesting is that according to doctors he was supposed to be able to read, write, speak or even perform daily activities. He was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism. This is why science and medicine still have along way to go before we perfect diagnosing patients. He proved them wrong when he was able to recite his ABC’s forwards and backwards at age three. Jacob enrolled at Purdue University Indianapolis at age 10 years old. He also studied quantum physics while working on his PhD. This mathematician has proven the skeptics wrong and he is now trying to prove Einstein’s theory of relativity wrong as well. Jacob you are truly an inspiration and a reason we believe in the underdog.

Image Priyanshi Somani is called a mental calculator. She won the 2010 Mental calculation world cup at age 11. She was the youngest participant in the competition. She beat out 36 individuals from 16 other countries. She was the only one in the history of the competition to be 100% accurate in addition, multiplication, and square roots. She won the competition by completing a square root by 10 six-digit numbers in a record 6 minutes and 51 seconds. She then came back two years later and and became the new world holder for mental square roots in January of 2012. Her record for calculating the square root of 10 six-digit numbers in 2 minutes and 43 seconds. I don’t know about you, but I probably wouldn’t even be able to attend the classes she takes to cheat off of her sheeeesh.

Image March Tian Boedihardjo- This kid is amazing. At nine years old he became the youngest person to attend Hong Kong University. He maintained A’s in advanced mathematics and B’s in statistics. He participated in a double degree program specifically designed for him, Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science and also Master of Philosophy in Mathematics which he completed one year early. March Tian is currently studying for a PhD in mathematics in the US. To be this great at such a young age is astonishing.

Image Luis Roberto Ramirez Alvirez – This 11 year old boy who is from Michocan Mexico will be attending Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts this fall. He is planning to study quantum physics. I swear I need to pickup some more books and catch up anyway. Luis taught himself English, Mandarin Chinese, and French at the age of five years old. His IQ falls somewhere between 152-160 which puts him in the 99.99 percentile along with Einstein himself. He finished high school in three months and has completed several levels of education in robotics and mechatronics in intelirobots institute of San Luis Potosi. He is also a current college student at the Open System College of Bachelors  in the Zamora Campus. Image Anala Beevers – She is only four years old, but knows every capital in the US. She learned the alphabet at four months and learned the alphabet in spanish at eighteen months. He intelligence has caught the eye of MENSA which is a International organization for the “super-smart. They usually takes adult members with intelligence of the top 2%, but Anala is in the top 1% of the populace. She can identify planets and dinosaurs as well. This little girl I feel one day we will be calling her our commander in chief one day.

Image Adam Kirby- This two year old child of Afro-Caribbean immigrant parents has become the youngest member of the British Mensa after taking an intelligence test that ranked him higher than Barack Obama and David Cameron. He potty trained himself at one after reading about it. He enjoys reading Shakespeare….what two year old can say Shakespeare. He also is learning Japanese, Spanish and French. He took the Stanford-Binet IQ test and scored 141 on the test which is four points shy of genius level. I think they need a retest on this one. he’s a genius to me. He was able to master a world puzzle meant for adults and he is able to spell over 100 words at 29 months old. He knows the elements on the periodic table, He can read simple fractions and his story is inspirational. So the next time you say “My baby is a genius!!” you’d better specify around these kids.


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