Gays gaining acceptance in music…..hmmm not really!!!!

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Celebrity, Entertainment, Gay
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In the times of gay right progression and gay marriage it seems that equality for individuals is a reality that has come to life that we have been waiting for. With a majority of society advocating for gay rights, no voice has made a louder screaming cry than the music and entertainment industry.  So why hasn’t the industry been more aggressive with bringing more gay/lesbian artists to the forefront into the mainstream????

You would think with the coming out of Frank Ocean the circle would be complete. What I mean is rock n roll/ pop music are no strangers to safe housing homosexual artists and fans. So with a hip hop/ r & b artist coming out and still be respected then I believe that the music industry as a whole would be liberated. It still feels like there is a stigma attached with being gay in the music industry. There are constant rumors within the hip hop/r&b world about individuals like Ne-Yo, Janelle Monae, Trey Songz, Busta Rhymes, Sean P. Diddy Combs and others as well. Honestly it seems there are more artists fighting for gay rights who are heterosexuals than actual gays in the spotlight.  I believe artists like Lady Gaga and Macklemore/Ryan Lewis are exploiting the issue of being gay to standpoint themselves as a champion for LGBT equality. In reality though becoming the expounder when in fact your are not living that reality brings a falsehood to the message in my eyes.

Don’t get me wrong you can fight for a cause without being among the populace. Takes civil rights for instance, there were many whites protesting for equal rights along with blacks during the march on Washington. My point is you wouldn’t see a white person that would be as embraced among the black community as opposed to Martin Luther King Jr. Just my opinion. Gays and lesbians should have more of a prevalent stake in the music industry in the public eye not behind closed doors. I mean the WWE now has an openly gay wrestler by the name Darren Young. A few months among Alan Gendreau made headlines with attempting to become the first football kicker in the league. Jason Collins became the first openly gay basketball player earlier this year. I bring these points up knowing there is still a besmirchment about being gay in the music community I feel that is not acceptable anymore.  With over 10 million people openly identifying themselves as gay/lesbian bisexual or transgender you would think the number of openly gay music artists would be greater.  What do you think about it though??? If you are gay and reading this blog do you feel you are properly represented in the music/entertainment industry? What do you feel needs to be changed in the industry itself? Let me know your thoughts.



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