Mass Shootings in America…..Sociopaths horrifying trend in the New World

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Evil, Guns, Psychopath, Sociopath, violence
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Mass shootings are becoming “The New Normal” in a desensitized, disassociated society. It has become an epidemic plague that investigators and psychologists are desperately trying to find the common denominators among the deviants responsible. I know we are becoming all too familiar with the narrative story line of the shooters. “Troubled teen/individual” “Mentally Unstable” “Anti-social” are the usual descriptions of the damnable invertebrates who with no conscious who slaughter men/women and children. Here’s the thing with me and my way of thinking!!! This year alone there have been over 250 mass shootings with a victim count of over 4 people.

According to “The Huffington Post” on average there is a mass shooting at least once a day!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry with these type of scary numbers It’s hard for me to believe that all of them share the same vignette. I want you to come along with me and think if it is possible that other common factors have equivalence. It is my theory that two other factors play a role in these killing sprees. The first one is could be these chemical dump sites over the last 100 years and the pollution our country has played a part in. The other half I want to talk about is the nullification of ethics, morals and values when its applied to the value of human life.

Ask yourself a question what are the effects of pollution? We’ve seen the physical effects of them. Contaminated beaches and shores. Oil drenched animals that were in the water during an oil spill. Our own ozone layer has also suffered and has been depleted. So much so that global warming is more a reality than ever. One thing that I haven’t seen clearly addressed is the effects on brain function during long-term exposure of these pollutants. For example nitrous oxide, a chemical known to us commonly as laughing gas. The reason this chemical is so harmful is because it is one of the chemicals responsible for the breakdown of the ozone layer. In 2009 scientists blamed nitrous oxide as the number one ozone depleting man-made chemical. My question is if this chemical has been mixing with the ozone and other harmful chemicals in the atmosphere can it be possible us breathing in these chemicals may have mind altering effects on us. More so the babies and children who are developing their immune/respiratory/skeletal/digestive systems. Too much nitric oxide in the system has been attributed to stroke and dementia according to an article in “Science Daily”. One of the stages of general anaesthesia involves euphoria, spontaneous muscle movement, hallucinations(auditory and visual). The chemical has been used as early as the 1840’s. I know it’s a stretch to say this is the single element that is the root cause of these mass shootings. To be honest I believe it’s a combination of causes and this maybe one of them…yes.

Another concern for me would be pyrethroids. You may know this chemical to be insecticides commonly. It’s used to treat vegetable, grain and fruit crops. With over 70% of the population exposed to this chemical and children are the highest threat. Little is known about the effects of these chemicals in humans. Although it has been documented that animals have shown neurological, immune and respiratory damage. An article in “Scientific American” notes a study done using urine samples from over 5,000 adults and children between 1999-2002. The results they found were 75% showed at least one trace of pyrethroid metabolites in their system. The highest concentration was with the children with concentrations 50% higher than adults. Since pyrethroids don’t breakdown easily in the air they often travel with dust and settle on areas on the home. Scientists think that since children have more mouth activity and spend a lot more time on the floor could be the reasoning why this concentration is higher for kids than adults. This chemical is also used on gardens, lawns, parks and other public places. With the unknown factor of not knowing the full effects of this chemical and other insecticides used before it we may have been inadvertently poisoning our babies for generations to come.

Pre-dating the use of pyrethroids are organophosphates. These chemicals were also used for insecticides since World War two. Even low levels of exposure can effect the nervous system. Peaches, apples, pears, grapes, green beans and other vegetables eaten by children contained organophosphates. Children can be exposed through the food, air, dust, soil and pets. Researchers have found links to impaired short-term and memory development, increased reaction time and reflexes  and worst of all mental and emotional problems with adolescents. Other long-term effects to this chemical are ADHD in children, reduced levels of testosterone and other sex hormones in males, leukemia, lymphoma even increased risk for Parkinson’s disease. Could these chemicals be the silent partner in a sociopath’s mindset when they go astray and plot to kill?

Water pollution has also a left scar of immeasurable proportion on ourselves. From back in 1972 when the US congress passed the Clean Water Act because of events like the 1969 Cuyahoga River fire. Where an oil slick in the water caught fire that was polluted from decades of industrial waste. Sadly this same river caught fire multiples times for the same reasons prior to this incident. Pollutants dumped into the water was a more common practice decades ago, but the effects left waters unsuitable to swim or fish for nearly 40 years later. How about this!!! from 1988 to 1998 there has been 30,000 beach closings and advisories due to water pollution in 47 out of 50 states. Chemicals in the water rendered the fish not to be consumable for a long period of time.

Now I know that my reasoning behind my conclusions are not easily palatable due to lack of direct connection. It’s a stretch to believe that because of chemical dumping of pollution that happened decades it might reap the consequences of today’s mass shootings and their frequency. To me this is the dirty little secret not only behind sociopath and psychopaths mentality, but mental illness as a whole. If we were to connect the dots chronologically from the time of the dumping of chemicals, to the contamination in the food and water supply to the passing of the contaminants into a pregnant woman’s body, then to the child and then passing this poison onto their unborn children we have to wonder is it possible? Now I’m not making excuses for the actions of James Holmes and others like him. I am however saying we as a society are failing when we overlook the possibility that we ourselves may bear in the responsibility when someone is mentally ill. Instead of being dismissive and writing it off and say “Oh well he’s crazy, a tragedy like this was bound to happen” That to me is unforgivable. We blame the illness without asking how did they get the illness in the first place. Am I onto something or should I just shut my mouth???????? Let me know


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