Mass Shootings in America…..Sociopaths horrifying trend in the New World pt. 2

Posted: October 2, 2013 in Evil, Guns, Murder, Psychopath, Sociopath, violence
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In my last part I talked about pollution and the effects of chemical dumping may have had on generations to come to contribute to the escalation of mental illness and mass shootings. My other theory for the motivation behind mass shootings maybe the lack of human compassion. The ability to devalue another human being in order to rationalize the reason why killing them with no remorse is acceptable. We have gotten all to comfortable with placing a label on them such as psychopath/sociopath. What they won’t tell you is similar characteristics of these types of killers share profiles with a small percentage of soldiers, early settlers to the New World, Slave Masters and even CEO’s of corporate America.

Let’s start with soldiers I first must emphasize that this only applies to a small percentage of them and does not reflect in any way on the brave men and women who gave their lives as an ultimate sacrifice. To those I salute and say a prayer for the families. The ones I am talking about are the ones that have enlisted because they want a legally kill and even mutilate people in the name of war. One example of how non-compassionate soldiers can be is when a soldier was interviewed during the 1991 Iraq war. He described waiting to wipe out Iraq soldiers during an ambush was like waiting to kill cockroaches while other compared it to killing turkeys and even sheep that had been let out of the stall. If you can remember back in 2004. The Abu Graib prison scandal where soldiers would pose with dead Afghan that were later published in “Rolling Stone” magazine before the US army censored the remaining material. According to Robert Hare a celebrious psychologist says 1 out of 25 people are psychopaths,but can go through life undetected by society. So if those numbers are true it wouldn’t be a stretch to say these psychopaths could obtain leadership positions in various industries that feed their demented bloodshed cravings.

A post world war II study proposed that 2% of soldiers were aggressive psychopaths who did show remorse or trauma associated with killing. The study also mentioned that these soldiers were an “asset” on the killing fields. The sociopath will exhibit a under controlled aggressive personality type. They have low internal controls against violence and will use quarrelsome behavior unless constrained by outside controls. The military provides ample displacements outlets for this behavior through physical training, field maneuvers and weapon ranges. This adds to my theory that these killers that cause these mass shootings have the same traits and behaviors shown in the low percentages of the US military.

Traits of these psychopaths were evident long before US soldiers. There are cases of early American settlers killing and eating each other. One case in particular took place from 1609-1610 in Jamestown, VA. During that time was a deadly winter where settlers ran out of food and eat mice, dogs, snakes, shoe leather and even the dead. George Percy who a colony leader described this time as ” a time of miseries”. He even wrote about people digging up the dead and eating them when nothing else was available. In one case he commented how he had to stop a man from salting and eating his pregnant wife. Another tried a recipe for his significant know as “powdered wife”. “one amongst the rest did kill his wife, powdered her,  and had eaten her before it was known…….”Now she was better roasted, boiled of carbonado’d (BBQed) , I know not, but such a dish such as powdered wife I never heard of. One case of cannibalism involves a 14-year-old girl where her body was dismembered including chops to the front and back of the head. Scientists confirmed the dismemberment of the body and then the removal of the tissue to eat. The settlers even tried to open the skull since at that time animal and human brains and also facial tissue were desired meats.

One thing I feel brought out the most sadistic, despicable, psychopathic ways out of a person was slavery. Slavery in America was used for three primary reasons: capitalism, racism and individualism. When the first group of Africans were abducted and forcefully brought here they were used as labor and strip of their human rights and replaced with a lifestyle of servitude and obedience to their white counterparts. The slave was labeled inferior even after slavery was abolished. Even though conditions for the slaves were grotesque during slavery lynchings were more common after they were set free. It is estimated that from 1882-1968 there were 5,000 lynchings of freed black people. Many lynchings happened because they wanted to protect white women from “potential” rape. During the lynching is where I these people had no souls. Black men would have their penis cut off immediately. Then hung up on the pole, but not before he would have his ears cut off. Once they set fire to the victim they dismembered him and sold his entrails for souvenirs. The towns people who attended the lynchings would often take pictures with the charred remains of the bodies of those lynched. The lynchings didn’t just apply to the men. Women and children were often lynched for disobedience. The women were often raped before they were tarred and feathered. At the time lynchings was more of a sporting event where people would take pics and send postcards to relatives if they could not attend. Understand the same traits it takes to cut open a person and burn them alive after torturing them, making it a celebratory act rather than a tragic event takes the same non-compassion, non-remorseful, non-emotional mentality to be a sociopath/psychopath.

Now here are two personalities I thought would never go together, but according to researchers they share some of the same traits. Psychopaths and CEO’s have similar attributes more than 4% higher than the population. Both CEO’s and Psychopath have no remorse, empathy and share glibness, superficial charm and manipulativeness. They also share the need for constant stimulation, high intelligence and predispositioned to boredom. Now some would easily dismiss this theory as hearsay. I ask you to think about what it takes to layoff hundreds if not thousands of loyal employees knowing this will have disastrous effects on families, communities and such. Think about the characteristics it takes to charm a boardroom of business owners to buy into your product. Think about the drive and initiative it takes to be a visionary and take a company forward. It takes a sense of uneasiness to reject assuagement when it comes to competition among other businesses. Think about the lack of empathy it takes to produce wanted results for greedy stockholders they answer to. To me I can see the correlation in the two types.

There is an ethnology in this society that not only uses the traits of psychopathology but they get rewarded with promotions, bonuses, pensions and medals in some cases. We’ve taken the worst characteristics of ourselves and incorporated them into our industrial, corporate and military industries. Unfortunately what happens to those individuals who haven’t made it to being a CEO or the person who didn’t make it to being an US recruit of the military. When you have these traits with nothing productive to use them for, you may have a void that may not  get filled until they find human targets inside a school, or other public facility. I believe the creation of these minds who ignite these mass shootings could come from same social conduct cumulative gene pool that we created in this civilization  and it is what we fear most.

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