I hate my job…I hate my job!!….I HATE MY JOB!!!!!!!!!

Posted: October 7, 2013 in Money
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I hate my job

Among a population of 300 million people in the US you would think a high percentage of the populace has some fun at their place of employment. Too often I hear how people hate their jobs. The personality types you meet at any given job vary from the job dedicated type, the long-term type, and then the anti job culture employee. The reasons I hear that have been the most consistent with the discontent with the job are: Management not properly managing the day-to-day operations, Hostile employees, Ineffective and unwilling management assistance in time of need. Unwanted changes in policies, procedures and management.

Salary and promotions that lack in the workplace are another reason why employees hate their job. Under appreciation, boredom at work, also an over abundance of tasks and assignments for one individual or group. The reason I believe people hate their job is because their personality type doesn’t coincide with the environment, pace and skill level that is necessary to complete a harmonious congealed team to obtain a common objective or purpose that utilizes the job culture effectively.

I myself have had jobs I loathed working at. I used to work in a restaurant as a line cook. The owner made the business a real hell hole. He was a cheap skate who didn’t care about the employee morale or internal customer value to elevate the external customer experience with product quality or service. I would work 12 hour days and only got half off discount during my half hour lunch. The mood was always quiet and cold. It was always hostile just awaiting for the wrong comment to be said to cause an argument. I remember one day my kitchen manager and another line cook got into a fight on the line and threw KNIVES at each other….seriously KNIVES!!!!!!!! Not the ideal place to work.

One study says that over 50% of Americans hate their jobs. James Altucher a columnist from The Huffington Post makes that argument that workers can be verbally abused at the job and that the taxes that come out of your paycheck out ways the effort you made to get your pay. He also lays out the lie we fall for. Go to college get your Masters degree and rack up hundred of thousands of debt. Then you want to get the car and the house that was marketed to you that you properly really didn’t want. He compares “The American Dream” as a marketing ploy introduced by Fannie Mae to apply for mortgages people can’t afford. So now they have to keep their job they hate, Even though his outlook is cynical at best he points out the contrived, cyclonic, incessant, symbiotic infirmity, that is the everyday struggle that asks for too many long days and no thank you mixed with too little raises to compete with inflation and the cost of living.

Another fun fact Gallup polls says only 30% of US employees are “engaged” at work. Another 52% of employees are checked out at work and 18% are unhappy to the point that they act out their unhappiness in the workplace. There are ways to be more engaged in the work place though. Among the key pointers are Understand expectations, Having the tools to be effective, Communicating with you boss what makes you effective, Develop relationships and last see the bigger picture. If you believe this can help then go ahead and try it and tell me if it worked for you.


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