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Posted: October 10, 2013 in Capitalism, Education, Politics, Racism
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I gotta tell you I hated history in high school. It was the same thing over and over again. We learn about how the British ruled over the American settlers and had unfair taxes and they eventually went to war. I couldn’t keep my eyes open half the time cause it was the same mundane retelling of the same story. I always would wonder we only cover one section of the globe and one perspective,  what else is there to read about and hear about? In this blog I will talk about contributions that have been left out of normal history high school textbooks to give you a more complete picture of the sacrifices  and ideas WE ALL MADE AS AMERICANS to build this great nation.

One nation

Native Americans – When you think of the contributions Native Americans made to help build what we know now as America. You might think that they showed the Europeans settlers how to grow food like, potatoes, corn, beans, pumpkins and tomatoes among other indigenous plant life in the region. The Native Americans gave America much more than just food and colorful bead patterns. If you like games like canoeing snowshoeing, tobogganing, lacrosse, relay races and tug of wars, then you might be interested in that fact that these games were Native American past times long before Europeans settled the lands and were adopted into the evolving culture that shaped the young nation. Not to mention the land itself belonged to the Native Americans and was taken away forcefully through bloodshed, disease and famine…..Oh yeah guns too!!!!!!! Got to love the right to bear arms, even back then.

Words were also given to America through Native Americans. Words such as barbecue, caribou, chipmunk, woodchuck, skunk and even hurricane. A majority of our state names came from Native American derivatives. Connecticut – Means river who s water is driven by tides of winds. Illinois means “Men” the name given by the Algonquian tribe confederacy. Iowa is the name of a tribe meaning sleepy ones. The idea of sign language came from Native Americans as well. They would use hand signals to communicate and trade between different tribes. While the signs are different in sign language the concept came from this idea. Benjamin Franklin also adopted the idea of the federal government where certain powers are given to the central government while states have their own power. This groundbreaking idea came from the Iroquoian league of Nations. So now that you know a little bit more about what Native Americans contributed to American CAN WE STOP CALLING THE FOOTBALL TEAM IN WASHINGTON THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It’s racist end of story and Native Americans deserve a lot more respect than that period.


Hispanic Americans – In 1620 while Europeans were struggling trying to set up the colonies. Spanish towns were vibrant in Florida, the Southwest and Puerto Rico. The first Spanish settlement was in 1526 over 80 years before the settlement in Jamestown which was settled in 1607. The settlement was named San Miguel De Gualdape founded in Georgia. It only lasted a short time, because the founders soon died and the inhabitants couldn’t take the harsh conditions and weather. In addition to the explorations that Lewis and Clark led there was also explorations led by Hernando De Soto in 1539 through Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

The war for independence was also helped by Hispanics as well. King Carlos of Spain granted a credit of one million pounds a large at the time to the American colonists. Also a special tax was levied by the Spanish crown towards Los Angeles, San Diego and San Franciso to help the continental congress with the war effort. The battle of Yorktown was also funded by public treasury in Cuba and the citizens of Havana where the women gave jewelry to support the tide changing battle that helped win the Revolutionary War. There were Spanish ports along the Caribbean and Europe that were safe havens for American ships looking for refuge. Over 4,000 Spanish soldiers were captured, tortured and died as prisoners of war. All to help the cause for American Independence. The sacrifices aren’t mentioned in your textbooks are they????????? There are other many contributions America owes these patrons of the young New World, but I want to make sure I touch on the other cultures that made sacrifices as well.

asian american

Asian Americans – Asian American made great contributions to this country that are continuously overlooked. During World War II the 100th infantry Battalion and the 442nd Regiment Combat Team were segregated Army units who fought in Italy and Germany. They became  known as the most decorated unit in  US history.  In another story Japanese Americans served in the Pacific against their own Japanese people. Their use of the Japanese language and knowledge were key components in dismantling their Japanese counterparts tactics. The state of Hawaii became a state through the actions of the Asian immigrants. They had to overcome the fear that “yellow” men would go into congress if they were given statehood. There were 2 Japanese Americans in the US senate one of them was a member of the 442nd. General Eric Shinseki is the army’s chief of staff.

Asian Americans made the largest sacrifice to help build this country. Their own lives. The West Coast railroads are grave yards to thousands of Asian Americans they themselves were forced to build. Gold mines are also burial grounds for many Asian Americans too.Asian Americans made the largest sacrifice to help build this country. Their own lives. The West Coast railroads are grave yards to thousands of Asian Americans they themselves were forced to build. Gold mines are also burial grounds for many Asian Americans too.tomatoes native to the area. The idea of vaccinations created by Jonas Salk was derived from the ancient Chinese techniques. Cigarettes was another concept taken from the Chinese. The workers while on the railroad would roll up the American tobacco in rice paper. This idea became more popular than using supplanted pipes and cigars.

black statue of liberty

African-American women and the Statue of Liberty -What if I told you this next contribution was given to America by African-Americans, but by the French. The controversy around the gift is why it was given and what does it mean. You seen the Statue of Liberty and know it is the most welcoming gift of freedom and liberty. One question has remained unanswered since the days it was brought to the US. Is the Statue itself a black woman who’s been freed from chains? In France the original Statue of Liberty is a black woman. French Historian Edourd de Laboulaye, chairman of the French Anti-Slavery Society collaborated with sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi in the creation of the Statue. It was a gift to the US through the French government  in honor of the black soldiers who were the pivotal role in winning the Civil War. When the statue was presented to the US Minister  he first rejected the statue because of the shackles the statue was wearing. There are various sources of proof to verify this as truth including a NY Times article written back on May 18 1986 with an article written by Laboulaye and even the original model from Bartholdi that can be sent to you from the french embassy at the UN or DC.

The June 17 1986 NY Post also has information about the statue of liberty being a black woman. Bartholdi’s design models for the statue of liberty evolved from earlier sketches by the artist of black Egyptian women. The idea was readily accepted by over 100,000 French citizens and 181 towns who all contributed money for building the statue. I myself found pictures online of the present Statue of Liberty with remains of chains around her ankles. Personally I see this as proof that the original concept around the symbol of hope and America was originally a black woman. The statue’s face ended up being modeled after Bartholdi’s mother. In the museum of New York City there is a 21 inch terra-cotta model by Bartholdi “designed with the likeness of a black woman” next to the model of the current statue with a broken chain around its left hand dangling.

Tell me what you think of this blog. Your opinion is so important to validate what I’m doing. I just want to shed light as it is shines on me. Thank you for all my followers and to those who view my postings.

  1. Interesting article! I think it’s a great initiative that you were unhappy with the way you were taught, and decided to do something about it 🙂 If you’re interested in history, visit and follow my blog at (will follow you back). It contains history articles written by myself and other historians. I would love to hear your feedback on some of the stuff on there 🙂

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