My own House Party

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Children, Short Story
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No one In the House

During the summer of 1994 I had some of the best days of my adolescence. I started having parties at my house. My memories of those days were like a plot from house party or any teen movie that runs off of pre-adult adrenaline and hormones. My mother was really strict when it came to having people over in the house, I always felt bad for that. My best friend Tommy always had company over his house and his parents had no problem with friends staying over for the night. I lived directly across the street so Tom and I were always together. Even Tom barely saw the inside of my room.

I don’t wanna say the kids in my neighborhood were scared of my mom, but I could see that my sister and I were always the last to be asked if they could play in our yard, which my mother also didn’t like. With my mom being a single parent I was pretty much the man of the house. While she went to work I was responsible for the cooking, laundry and cleaning of the house. It wasn’t until this summer that this all changed.

Hours Changed

My mom got her hours changed and worked a  later shift. Instead of leaving at 8am she switched to leaving around 2pm to start work at 3pm until 11pm and she got home around midnight. It only took a little time for my crew to see the change in time and get me to start thinking of having little parties. “Come on Troy you don’t ever have anyone in the house all we’re gonna do is chill anyway.” My friend Tom made a remark pointing out that he always had people over his house. He thought it was time for me start returning the favor.

At first it wasn’t so bad I only had a few people over at a time and we were in and out of the house so much anyway. We really only came in the house to get away from the heat of the scorching summer days and get into the AC. We also played on my Sega genesis. I only had a few games, but Tom had a whole catalog that we would play with. We would talk about girls we wanted to hook up with, eat food and talk a whole lotta smack to each other. It was like our own private “clubhouse”.

After a while the neighborhood girls noticed our “clubhouse” in my home we had. It wasn’t long before they joined and hung out to add to that other kids from other neighborhoods came by and wanted to hang out so you can imagine what was supposed to be a small thing wit just a few friends turned into the Samson ave. summer hang out.

Even with over 20 teenagers running in and out of my house we kept the place clean and had no incident until…. It was nearing the end of the summer and I wanted to turn the parties up a notch. It was pretty common for us to drink, but  I managed to make sure no bottles ended in the kitchen garbage can.  We only used the outside garbage can where my mom never would think twice to look. Tom myself and some girls planned to make a party for the end of summer.

Party to End off the Summer

Right after my mom left I cleaned out my mom’s punch bowl that she only used for special occasions. I was planning to make a punch with every liquor that we were able to gather. It wasn’t hard to get liquor we just asked someone older to make a run and we gave them the money and usually we had to buy them something to take care of them.  The party was off the hook. We used the radio as a pretend Dj, the punch bowl drinks had vodka, hennessey, bacardi, Mad Dog 20/20, wine coolers, southern comfort mixed with soda. We also had chips.

I was trying to get with Pamela  at the time. She was older and was a fine dark chocolate specimen of femininity. She knew I liked her, but she kept it friendly with me. She told me I wasn’t her type, so I didn’t press the issue. Just seeing her there validated my party. She was two grades above me and was the hot girl on the block. I didn’t notice it, but  in between speaking with Pamela and taking with Tom about going to high school I didn’t notice—-. That the rest of kids in the house were getting playfully rowdy. When I walked back in my house all I saw was teenagers running from upstairs i  my room to downstairs, the music was way to loud and people were spilling their drinks everywhere. At this point I thought things were getting to crazy.

Then I saw Marie chasing Raheim upstairs into my room and it only took a few seconds. I heard craaaaack oooooooooooohhhh! That sand and seeing Marie and Raheim slowly waking down the steps only meant my mom would be burying me in the backyard after being dragged through the street. When I walked upstairs to see what was going on. The inner wall just inside my door way had a large hole in it. The whole was larger than an average computer monitor I could see the wiring for the light switch. I wish I could crawl into the whole and cover it back up. My chances to live were better that way. “Everybody out!” I like to say that ended the party, but truthfully I didn’t want it to end so I didn’t  push anyone I just stood watch to avoid anyone from going upstairs.

This Party is  be gonna different from the rest

Yo Troy! my boy AG said “you got a wash cloth or something?” “Why?” “For what?” I asked I fingered Sherry on the couch and I want to clean it off. “Wanna smell?” as he waved his fingers in front of me face.  I admit I sniffed it I was virgin at the time and that was the closest I got to getting some……sad I know. In the next hour slowly the other people started the leave. Then I heard Tom call me. I went into the backyard and seen Leonard putting lighter fluid into a small grill and watching flames rise from the hot coals into an indented part of the house where we set a table up and chairs usually. The flames were touching the roof. “Leonard” “Stop I’mma fuck you up.” “Okay” “Okay” he replied. Leonard was always a little off. “I just wanted a couple burgers dawg.”  “Shut the fuck up!” I said. I didn’t know it, but my sister called my Aunt Ruth. All I heard was “Troy Aunt Ruth wants to talk to you.” I grabbed the phone and covered the receiver/ “You called Aunt Ruth?” “Why?” “I’m sorry I called her because mom told me to call her so she can check in.” I picked up the phone. “Hi Aunt Ruth.” “Troy get everyone out!” “I’mma stay on the phone until they leave.” “I called to check on you and I’m glad I did. Get them kids out!!!!” After I got everyone out I got back on the phone. I knew I was in trouble so my summer was over.

Everybody Out-

“Troy I’m not gonna tell your mother, but if this keeps up I’m gonna tell her everything,” “Thank you Aunt Ruth” I could breath again. I cleaned up the house and put a poster up to cover up the hole.” I eventually went back outside to chill with my boys. I went inside around 11:15 pm and my mom came home about 20 mins. later. I will say I was a little nervous, but calm. “Hey mom how was your day?” “It  was okay” she said. She then grabbed the house phone and proceeded into her nightly routine of talking on the phone and winding down. That was a sign I was in the clear. I turned the TV on and relaxed about 40 mins. passed by and my mom called me down to her room. “Here Aunt Lauren wants to talk to you.”

“Hey Aunt Lauren” I thought she was gonna congratulate me on getting ready for high school grown ups are always so proud.

“Troy I’m the bad guy I talked to Aunt Ruth and found out what y’all did and I told your mother.” “Don’t blame Aunt Ruth blame me.”  I gave the phone back to my mother. “I’ll call you tomorrow.” she said. I wished I was still in that hole in the wall. My mom flung me around yelling cursing and threatening. The most I could make cut was I was grounded for the rest of summer. She beat my ass up and down that room. Amazingly enough she never saw the hole until we moved out.


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