New Sonic Game In The Works

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Uncategorized


Sonic Generations restored my faith in the Sonic games and I’ve learned that there are not one but two new Sonic games being made alongside each other by two different companies. The core Sonic Team is working on a new Sonic title that’s not Sonic Boom. This Sonic title will have us play as the Sonic we all know and love doing the things that we would expect him to do.

At the same time a entirely new team, Big Red Button, is working on a new version of the entire Sonic universe called Sonic Boom. I really hope this game doesn’t suck but I can’t help but feel like it does since every time Sonic has gone from his roots to something else, werewolf/hedgehog anyone?, the game flopped. This new Sonic game is supposed to accompany the new cartoon series so take from that what you will. My main…

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