Study: Va. Volcanoes Linked To Islands On Other Side Of Atlantic

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Uncategorized


BLACKSBURG, Va. (CBSDC) – According to a new study, volcanoes in Virginia are linked to islands on the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Researchers were hoping to explain the origin of the 48-million-year old volcanoes.

“These young volcanoes are in an area where no one would expect to see volcanic activity,” Sarah Mazza, a geologist at Virginia Tech, and the study’s lead author, told Live Science. “These rocks are our only physical window into processes that helped shape Virginia and even the whole southeastern Appalachia as well.

Geologists thought a hotspot explained the origin of the volcanoes, but Mazza said the results of this study do not agree with a hotspot origin.

Mazza and her team analyzed rocks they collected from the volcanic swarm between Virginia and West Virginia.

The two most prominent examples came from Mole Hill and Trimble Knob. “You probably wouldn’t know they were there unless…

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