If You Don’t Know! News & Politics Roundup: Rapist Given Light Sentence Due To Victim’s Alleged Promiscuity, Hundreds Protest Inaction In Nigerian Kidnappings… & MORE! (DETAILS)

Posted: May 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Global Grind


Due to over 200 schoolgirls being kidnapped in Nigeria, worldwide outrage has sparked and protestors let that be known yesterday while gathering in Union Square. Hundreds of angry people came together to protest the near 300 girls who were abducted, and possibly being forced into marriage, in hopes of pushing the U.S. government to take more action. The President of of Nigeria has reportedly been unable and unwilling to step up his forces to rescue the girls. [NY Daily News]

A boy from Texas made a touching list after he found out that he would soon be legally blind, writing down all of the things he wants to see before he loses his sight. The 9-year-old included things such as seeing the Apple store, the Grand Canyon, the Redwood Forest, and even the city of Los Angeles. The family revealed that they are planning to do a road trip…

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