More Affluenza!? Indiana Man Avoids Prison Time After Raping Wife For 3 Years (PHOTO)

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

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A Indiana native who drugged and raped his wife for three years will serve eight years of home detention for the crime.

According to the Huffington Post, David Wise was found by a jury guilty of one count of rape and five counts of deviate assault. Wise as charged for the crime back in 2011 when his now ex-wife found videos of Wise having sex with her while she was sleeping.

The woman told police she believed Wise had been drugging her for about three years before their divorce in 2009, when she began to wake up often with a pill dissolving in her mouth, according to court documents.

The woman said that Wise initially denied his actions, but then told her he had been drugging her and having sex with her while she was unconscious.

Wise has served 250 days in jail prior to his sentencing. He will…

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