Poll: Americans Very Likely To Inflate Their Amount Of Religious Participation

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Uncategorized


WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Americans from all subgroups are highly likely to significantly inflate their amount of religious participation – if they attend religious services at all.

The “I Know What You Did Last Sunday: Measuring Social Desirability Bias in Self-Reported Religious Behavior, Belief and Belonging” survey found that on the telephone survey, 36 percent of Americans report attending religious services weekly or more, compared to 31 percent on the online survey. Compared to telephone respondents, online survey respondents were also much more willing to say they attend religious services seldom or never (43 percent vs. 30 percent).

A new Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) survey finds that Catholics and white mainline Protestants still see the most “social desirability” of attending church, with fewer than 3-in-10 (29 percent) reporting that they seldom or never attend religious services – compared to 45 percent who said that in a self-administered…

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