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Posted: May 23, 2014 in Uncategorized



Do you believe or not Believe?

There seems to be a noticeable shift in the belief of God and religion throughout the ages in opinion. Today more than ever average people are claiming not to believe in god and t……

Who has a better quality of life? Opulent and Luxurious or Impoverished and Poor

We place so much emphasis to becoming rich in this country and to living the life of luxury. We really avoid asking ourselves “Is this a better quality of life?” Saying if I become rich all my problems in life will be better if no…

Does the Occupy movement still move???????

I wrote this one reflecting on last year when the Occupy Wall Street was growing and had developed central systems in different parts of the US from Kansas to California. I still didn’t know what they wanted and what their end game was. To me they were this nebulous group…….

Inception into Dr. Kings Dream

Fifty years ago in Detroit Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke to a crowd within the Cobo Arena on June 23 1963. This speech would set the tone for his iconic…….

Does is still take a village to raise a child?

I was web surfing recently when I found an article about a teen girl in who fought a teacher in California. I clicked on the link and was floored by what I……

Religion and Science bitter enemies or distant relatives

don’t consider myself a deeply religious person. I do pray at night and believe in GOD, but short of that I don’t; go to church, read the bible or anything like that. I do however what to give another explanation behind some of the stories in the bible. I just want t…….


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