One Blogger to read up on

Posted: May 23, 2014 in College, Drugs, Entertainment, Relationships, Sex

I like to read blogs just as much as I like to write them. I came across a blog called  I read a couple of the blogs she wrote and enjoyed her honesty and freedom to express herself that sometimes I lack in my own writing. I often look for the best description of a word or most creative way to imagine a scene from my life. Alice seems to posts her stories and memories with no inhibitions. Her being brutally honest takes you with along places you may not want to see. The story “Exposed” leaves you at the moment she’s lying in the shower with trembling in fear that she might get raped.  Another story takes you into a music festival where she finds a phone and decides she wants to be mischievous. The night ends with the girl getting her phone back, but friend and family think she is now pregnant.  I also agree with her post “Making love is boring post” . If you have sometime check out her posts. They are not for the weak of heart so be ready.


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