My Hopes for The Blacklist Season 2

Posted: May 30, 2014 in Entertainment, violence
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So Season 2 of The Blacklist is on its way and I wanted to give my opinion on what they writers to give us for the next ride this fall coming. Throughout the season the most asked questions involved Robert Reddington and Elizabeth Keene. Is he her father? He’s said no when he was asked directly, but all the evidence has shown that he’s either in denial or trying to hide this from Elizabeth. The final scenes of the season finale when Red showed us his fire burns on is back, giving us another clue he is in fact the father. So why keep hiding it?

The second issue I have with the first season is that the show becomes too cryptic and hides too much below the surface. At some point the fans who have faithfully been watching the show need to be thrown a bone. We need closure at some point. What I mean is giving us a nice chunk of information on the show. A revelation in the show that seems organically woven into the storyline and may give us a new perspective on either Red or another cast member on the show. Picture this, your given piece after piece after piece of some sort of puzzle. When you try to put them together, you notice that not only do they not fit, but they’re pieces to two separate puzzles..wait three separate puzzles. At some point we stop trying to put them together because putting together the pieces was supposed to be entertaining. Now it’s just an annoying brain teaser from hell.

Besides the obvious we want the second season to have more action and more turmoil to happen. With the oncoming collision of Red and Berlin that will eventually come to a head this season who will survive in the fallout? What are your hopes this season coming?  ..Oh yeah, I believe Tom’s alive too


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