Day of Sacrifice

Posted: July 9, 2014 in Activist, Education, History, Law, Politics, Positive Thinking, Social Issues, Uncategorized

racial equality


As I was thinking about what to write about this week it dawned on me that this country really doesn’t have a day remembering our ancestry in this country. Paying tribute to those who gave their lives to build this country in its infancy should be an honor and a duty to every American living in this country in my opinion. Every race in this country has spilled blood building this country. African-Americans were enslaved and helped build America, The Spanish led explorations into America pre-dating Columbus, The Asians built railroads, The Jews helped build America, Italians, Polish, Scottish, Indian and many more cultures came together and sweated, bled and gave their life for an opportunity in this country. The hope was for their generation and future generations to benefits from their sacrifice.

I feel there needs to be a holiday where ALL Americans needs to reflect and give praise to the men and women of all races and ethnic backgrounds. I feel this would help with the disconnect some Americans have with certain groups they alienate themselves from. The cultural and racial divide in this country, according to newsweek is massive. 89% blacks and 72% of whites sees this country as divided. What are your thoughts?

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