Should Hollywood be Historically Accurate?

Posted: October 8, 2014 in Celebrity, Education, Entertainment, History, Work
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The movie entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that can make fantasy worlds come to life, help you realize how crazy love can be at first site and also bring historical events to a modern age. I a lot of cases hollywood has taken flack for making films rooted in a historical event and not staying true to the facts of the story. Some examples of an inaccuracy is at the end of Inglorious Basterds when Hitler was killed in the movie theatre. Tarantino made this faux paus deliberately, he took a period of time that had historical significance and added a fictional event. Another example of historical inaccuracies was in the movie Gladiator, the emperor Commodus was not involved in incest nor was he killed in the arena.

Whether these details are to make the story more dramatic or action filled or whether it was to change the perception of a character to create an antagonist the viewers can rally behind and hate. Sometimes the details of a chronological event can be changed by making the main characters a different race, or making the character a woman instead of a man and vice versa When a character of a film is replaced by another of a different race is this going to far or just hollywood making the adjustments just like it would with Inglorious Basterds by adding in the death of Hitler that is not what happened at all.

Take the new film coming in November called Exodus:Gods and Kings starring Christian Bale, Sigourney Weaver and others. Ridley Scott who is the one who made this adaptation of the story of Moses and his brother Rameses. Scott has been accused of whitewashing the film and essentially re-writing history to suit the desires of the European superiority complex. Critics say that since the story takes place in the Middle East then the characters should reflect those whom it was based in the story line.

I like that idea for a documentary, but not necessarily blockbuster multi-million dollar film when a movie studio sole purpose is making the storyline as action packed as possible and selling a fantasy come to life on film. Educators such as schools, teachers, professors and other institutions of learning bare the responsibility of knowing and sharing the truth of an event in time. Having said that as long as film making and creating is in the hands of the studio, director, screen writers and producers then it should be anyone’s game, then if a movie such as a festive Christmas story about Santa Claus and have the main character be an Asian, or a Spanish person. Like I said it should all be fair game at this point.

One thing I did mind in movies is why aren’t more Black and Latino criminal masterminds in the movies. Think about it blacks and Spanish people blamed for crime rate in most places, yet they are the ones who are not the criminals who seem to be the antagonist biggest threat. Also should we care?


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