Chris Rock Is A F*cking Genius! But, You Already Knew That…By Russell Simmons

Posted: October 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

Global Grind

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According to the yogis, God gives us all the potential to promote miracles. In the Yoga Sutras (the sacred science book from around 200 AD often referred to as the “bible” of yoga) there is a term “tapas,” which means hard work, determination and focus. It refers to a disciplined use of our energy. And with FAITH (or sraddha) YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING.

All of us are born with certain talents, but how many of us focus and develop ourselves to our greatest potential? Many of us destroy these talents, very few of us really figure out how to utilize them. I saw Jay Z and DMX, I know the difference. Chris Rock was “Pookie” in New Jack City and a good player on Saturday Night Live. He became a pretty good stand up too. Then one day he did a special that blew everyone’s mind. His focus, hard work, faith, determination…

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