Goals For My Girls

Posted: June 16, 2015 in Business, Capitalism, Education, Law, Money, Politics, Technology, Work
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It’s been awhile since I last wrote an article so I feel I owe you an explanation. I’ve been away attending school, working on finding a better employment opportunity and trying to figure out a way to help start a family business or at least teach them the importance of money and how to build a business. I’m in a position where many Americans find themselves, simply I need to bring in more money. Everytime I think of working two jobs I think of the long hours, lack of sleep and just missing out on events like family outings and for what? I can’t help but think of an old friend of mine who was an older man who worked two full-time jobs for 20 yrs and had nothing to really show for it. He had a house and a wife and kids, but he never saw them because he was always at work and a wife that fought with him almost everyday.

The old man would always come into the job looking beat down. His eyes were red and he looked drained out, he often had to sit down on the job just to make it during his shift. My point is, while he was the main provider in the household I don’t see where he benefited from it himself. While he was an honorable man I didn’t see any joy in his life. In my life while I don’t mind working hard, because I’ve had two jobs but after sitting in my manager’s office one day while he basically nonchalantly demoted me I realized that businesses don’t care about you only the bottom line. I gave up the Puritan work ethic to work myself to the bone for just a paycheck. I want my kids to gain something from my efforts and not just toys and allowance. I want them to see how I plan, strategize and implemented a family business that makes money.

I want my girls to know the value of money and how to make it responsible and not have the crippling fear that African-Americans have of starting a business on their own. As of 2014 stats from statistic brain.com African Americans own about 800,000 businesses, but we only have 3 CEO’s that work in fortune 500 companies.  The road to economic empowerment has to start when we’re children. In most cases that I run into black people don’t mind working two or three jobs, but when it comes to starting their own businesses in which we desperately need more leaders, we’re constantly coming up short. It’s like we’re fine being complacent and used by someone else. When one of us finally makes a business for themselves, we question their competence and work ethic.

I want to change the cycle of growing up, going to college to work for somebody else. I want my girls to know what it’s like to work for themselves and know the steps from start to finish what it takes to do it. I want to build their self-esteem and confidence so they know it is possible and have the gumption and the fortitude to go for it. For my plan of action I’m growing a garden and when my vegetables are ripe enough I’m gonna see if I can sell them at a farmer’s market. I also want to start a weekly garage sale that myself and my girls will commandeer. I also want to talk to them about handling money and what’s it’s like working with people. My hope is that they will be able to take the stigma away from starting a business. As for me raising my little girls to be better than me is my job. I don’t mean working two jobs so that can have more than I had, but show them how to make a job so they can be better than I am.


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