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The movie entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that can make fantasy worlds come to life, help you realize how crazy love can be at first site and also bring historical events to a modern age. I a lot of cases hollywood has taken flack for making films rooted in a historical event and not staying true to the facts of the story. Some examples of an inaccuracy is at the end of Inglorious Basterds when Hitler was killed in the movie theatre. Tarantino made this faux paus deliberately, he took a period of time that had historical significance and added a fictional event. Another example of historical inaccuracies was in the movie Gladiator, the emperor Commodus was not involved in incest nor was he killed in the arena.

Whether these details are to make the story more dramatic or action filled or whether it was to change the perception of a character to create an antagonist the viewers can rally behind and hate. Sometimes the details of a chronological event can be changed by making the main characters a different race, or making the character a woman instead of a man and vice versa When a character of a film is replaced by another of a different race is this going to far or just hollywood making the adjustments just like it would with Inglorious Basterds by adding in the death of Hitler that is not what happened at all.

Take the new film coming in November called Exodus:Gods and Kings starring Christian Bale, Sigourney Weaver and others. Ridley Scott who is the one who made this adaptation of the story of Moses and his brother Rameses. Scott has been accused of whitewashing the film and essentially re-writing history to suit the desires of the European superiority complex. Critics say that since the story takes place in the Middle East then the characters should reflect those whom it was based in the story line.

I like that idea for a documentary, but not necessarily blockbuster multi-million dollar film when a movie studio sole purpose is making the storyline as action packed as possible and selling a fantasy come to life on film. Educators such as schools, teachers, professors and other institutions of learning bare the responsibility of knowing and sharing the truth of an event in time. Having said that as long as film making and creating is in the hands of the studio, director, screen writers and producers then it should be anyone’s game, then if a movie such as a festive Christmas story about Santa Claus and have the main character be an Asian, or a Spanish person. Like I said it should all be fair game at this point.

One thing I did mind in movies is why aren’t more Black and Latino criminal masterminds in the movies. Think about it blacks and Spanish people blamed for crime rate in most places, yet they are the ones who are not the criminals who seem to be the antagonist biggest threat. Also should we care?


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If you RAP, SING, DO COMEDY or any type of career that is interesting I want to give you an opportunity to interview you on my podcast show. I want to know about you and what talent you have. I also want individuals who don’t mind participating and gives their opinions about show topics. The topics can range from sex, current news, entertainment news, and unusual stories. You will need skype in order to be a guest on my show. If interested let me know



For those of you who know me personally know I’m a sweet, gentle soul who could never possibly hurt anyone unprovoked. I got to work everyday, I love my wife and children and I follow the rules. I’m not out in the clubs or drinking uncontrollably to a drunken stooper. I do what I’m told, when I’m told to do it. To put it simply, I‘m a good little boy. Honestly though, this can be very boring for me. After watching a episode of the Starz network tv show Power I saw qualities in James “Ghost” St. Patrick I wanted to be like.

If you know the show, then you know that Ghost is a drug dealer slash club owner trying to go legit. In his world he has everything he wants in his grasp. A beautiful wife and kids, an affair with a hot girlfriend from his past. His physical appearance is very muscular and fit and he has tattoos on his back. I wanted tattoos on my back and I let myself go and haven’t been able to discipline myself back to working out again. It’s his desirability among women is a trait that I envy as well. I mean what guy doesn’t want women to want him, even if he doesn’t want them?

Other than the physical traits Ghost has a style and poise about him that shows he’s a patient thinking man. His right hand man Tommy often jumps way too cravingly into danger. Ghost shows his equanimity when he visits all angles of the issue and decides how to cautiously proceed. Characters like Ghost or even Shane from The Walking Dead  possessed the power to wield and command respect even among the biggest and toughest. The absence of fear they show in the depth of anarchy is a testament of how these men handle pressure and know how to navigate through the network negotiation and deception. Men like these are often connected to the underworld bosses and being a boss themselves, they too have people under them they employ and live double lives.

Men like Tony Soprano that I would argue is an anti-hero, but sees the world differently, because they know the people who are the puppetmasters and button presser of the world. They never saw themselves as consorting to a regular 9-5 nor would they want to become part of that transient mundane lifestyle that herds themselves on the highway five days a week to make it to a job they hate to come back home to a family who doesn’t listen to him half the time. In the life where you do what is necessary, some may see it as barbarous and others see it a way of life. The toll you pay for a the style of living you work for.

I can’t tell you how many times I felt like punching someone in the face,but I held back. The time this mechanic was gonna over charge me to fix a flat tire. I wanted to deck him right there and someone like a Tony Soprano or Ghost would have made a threatening gesture and if the guy didn’t comply he would hit him….repeatedly. I mean I see guys like me who get argued down by their spouses and wore down by life and the spark has left their souls. We’re just going through the motions of the week…..what day is Monday, oh ok I need my coffee, car keys and I’m out the door to go to work. To me the part of the American dream that isn’t mentioned in a brochure of guide-book is that we you have to relentlessly pursue your goal and take what you want when you want it.

It’s the Scarface’s, the Walter White’s, the 50 Cent’s, the Hannibal Lector’s, the Don Draper’s, the Ray Donovan’s, the Jamal Al-Fayeed’s take what they want and do as they please. Have you ever thought about being more like these guys?

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So Season 2 of The Blacklist is on its way and I wanted to give my opinion on what they writers to give us for the next ride this fall coming. Throughout the season the most asked questions involved Robert Reddington and Elizabeth Keene. Is he her father? He’s said no when he was asked directly, but all the evidence has shown that he’s either in denial or trying to hide this from Elizabeth. The final scenes of the season finale when Red showed us his fire burns on is back, giving us another clue he is in fact the father. So why keep hiding it?

The second issue I have with the first season is that the show becomes too cryptic and hides too much below the surface. At some point the fans who have faithfully been watching the show need to be thrown a bone. We need closure at some point. What I mean is giving us a nice chunk of information on the show. A revelation in the show that seems organically woven into the storyline and may give us a new perspective on either Red or another cast member on the show. Picture this, your given piece after piece after piece of some sort of puzzle. When you try to put them together, you notice that not only do they not fit, but they’re pieces to two separate puzzles..wait three separate puzzles. At some point we stop trying to put them together because putting together the pieces was supposed to be entertaining. Now it’s just an annoying brain teaser from hell.

Besides the obvious we want the second season to have more action and more turmoil to happen. With the oncoming collision of Red and Berlin that will eventually come to a head this season who will survive in the fallout? What are your hopes this season coming?  ..Oh yeah, I believe Tom’s alive too

I like to read blogs just as much as I like to write them. I came across a blog called  I read a couple of the blogs she wrote and enjoyed her honesty and freedom to express herself that sometimes I lack in my own writing. I often look for the best description of a word or most creative way to imagine a scene from my life. Alice seems to posts her stories and memories with no inhibitions. Her being brutally honest takes you with along places you may not want to see. The story “Exposed” leaves you at the moment she’s lying in the shower with trembling in fear that she might get raped.  Another story takes you into a music festival where she finds a phone and decides she wants to be mischievous. The night ends with the girl getting her phone back, but friend and family think she is now pregnant.  I also agree with her post “Making love is boring post” . If you have sometime check out her posts. They are not for the weak of heart so be ready.

I’ve heard this season is the best season EVER from every American Idol, The Voice, America’s Got Talent and whatever other singing shows are out there I’m sometimes forced to watch(love you honey :-). So why am I not surprised when Usher boasts on The Voice that his Joshua Kaufman is gonna win the contest with the best performance ever in the history. What are your thoughts on last nights performance?

serial killers


Imagine this you wake up disoriented in a dark, damp, cold room not knowing how you got there and scared out of  your mind. You scream for help only to realize your in a reticent room for a reason. You suddenly get memories flushing back when someone suddenly came from behind you and drugged you second before you passed out. What was that…..You hear the door screech open and footsteps walking toward you coming closer, but the room is too dark to see who or what it is. With you heart pulsating it seems the air suddenly is thinning as you gasp for breath trying to remain calm, but you can’t help but shake and cry not knowing what will happen next.

I gonna stop there, because that scenario seems horrifying to live through with just the glimpse of what I made visual for you. So why are we so fascinated to watch these scenarios play out on tv? What makes tv shows like Criminal Minds which is in it’s tenth season, The Following, Hannibal, Bates Motel, Dexter and other shows where criminals, psychos and the deranged run amuck so intriguing to us.

  • Killers are Humanized– It’s hard to despise a psychopath when you watch a drama filled show and see their life unfolding in front of you. You might even become sympathetic to the characters who dismember and murder knowing they were abused or tortured as a child.
  • Killers are Glamorized– Our culture unfortunately romanticizes serial killers too much, the Ted Bundy’s, Charles Manson, Jack Abbott all have made last impressions on society for all the wrong reasons, yet even today anyone of these individuals have cult like followings that have immortalized them.
  • They put on the Charm– Suave, debonair, elegant, intelligent charismatic, cultured, meticulous and take charge. hardly the description you would think applies to a bloodthirsty, cold-blooded killer. The tv does such wonders for a killers ego huh? I just finished watching season 2 of The Following. Joe Carroll did a masterful job seducing a cult into his own meshwork agenda of anarchy and death that had his followers extol for him.
  • Bad is so so Good – In society rules and order are needed for the population to function. Sometimes though the decree and all the regulations can be overwhelming and create disorderly factions. Killers and those who appreciate them disobey the rules, are not understood by regular law biding citizens. This brings an element of “cool” and popularity and we’ve all heard the saying “Good girls like bad boys”.
  • Society has a hankering for blood– If you seen the movies like Gladiator, 300, Spartacus and other movies like them then society as a whole has a long history of turning someone else’s death and dismemberment into entertainment. Much like what the Romans did for “fun”, we get the same thrill from seeing the blood splatter on the walls and watching the arms getting torn off. It’s greatright?
  • Killing can be Sacerdotal – Even religion sanctioned killing in so way, shape or form. Deuteronomy 13:13-19 NLT-…….”you must attack that town and completely destroy all its inhabitants, as well as all the livestock.  Then you must pile all the plunder in the middle of the street and burn it.”  “ A man or a woman who acts as a medium or fortuneteller shall be put to death by stoning; they have no one but themselves to blame for their death.”  Leviticus 20:27 NAB
  • Television adrenaline junkies – Long gone are the days the Alfred Hitchcock style killings where you see knife about to stab an unsuspecting woman in the shower and see the silhouette of her body being bludgeoned to death. In the constant need to exceed audience expectations of shocking cinema, it’s not enough to imagine the murder viewers wants to see the fear in the victims eyes, the blade as it lacerated that innocent woman, the sense of melancholy as a grieving loved one sees their family member lying still for the last time.

I just gave a few reasons why watching death on tv and movies has become such a big part of our entertainment in our day-to-day lives. I can’t help but think that we are becoming more and more desensitized to killing and brutality in this country. If you seen movies like The Purge and The Hunger Games and look past the prismatic outfits and the face masks of terror you can see our society heading towards these dark unfathomable futures. The question is and always has been is life intimidating art or is art intimidating life?